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Background information
Origin Austin, Texas
Genres Stoner Metal, Psychedelic Rock, Heavy Rock
Years active 2015 - Present
Labels Heavy Psych Sounds
Associated acts Super Heavy Goat Ass, Scorpion Child, Ripper, Tactics, Black Thorn Halo, Keletiel, Buzzbomb
Website Facebook

Duel are a heavy rock band based out of Austin, Texas. Founded in 2014, this quartet are heavily influenced by the darker sounds of early 70’s Proto-metal and thus has been described as stoner rock, stoner metal, psychedelic and/or doom.[1] To date Duel have released four studio albums and a single live album, all of which through Italian label Heavy Psych Sounds.


Duel would be founded in 2015 by Tom Frank and Shaun Avants, both of whom previously played in Scorpion Child. Founding the band with guitarist Derek Halfmann (Super Heavy Goat Ass, Buzzbomb) and drummer JD Shadowz (Ripper, Tactics), Duel would record their debut at The Machine Shop in Austin with producer Jeff Henson. Signing with Italian label Heavy Psych Sounds, Duel's debut Fears of The Dead would see release on 26 April 2016, garnering buzz from several publications.[2][3][4] Duel would tour Europe to support the release of Fears of The Dead, including appearances at Desertfest Belgium, Keep It Low and Heavy Psych Sounds Fest.[5]

A follow-up would be recorded in the Winter of 2016 at Red Nova Ranch, again working with Jeff Henson. Witchbanger would see release on 30 April 2017 to further acclaim from the likes of The Austin Chronicle,[6] Riff Relevant,[7] Louder Sound[8] and Outlaws of The Sun[9] among others. To support Witchbanger, Duel would extensively tour Europe to support the record, the latter tour taking place from November to December. A live album in Live at the Electric Church would follow on 23 April 2018.

Work would begin on a follow-up to which Valley of Shadows would see release on 17 May 2019 to further acclaim the likes of The Austin Chronicle,[10] The Obelisk[11] and Metal Temple[12] among others. Along with a marquee appearance at Monolith on The Mesa, Duel would tour Europe to support Valley of Shadows, including appearances at Rock in Bourlon and Freak Valley Festival.

Duel would manage to tour Europe in 2020, including the UK editions of Heavy Psych Sounds Fest before The CO-VID19 Pandemic would take shape. During the downtime work would begin on a fourth studio album, with In Carne Persona, which would see a 1 October 2021 release.[13]


Studio Albums[]

  • Fears of The Dead (2016, Heavy Psych Sounds)
  • Witchbanger (2017, Heavy Psych Sounds)
  • Valley of Shadows (2019, Heavy Psych Sounds)
  • In Carne Persona (2021, Heavy Psych Sounds)

Other Releases[]

  • Live at the Electric Church (Live Album) (2018, Heavy Psych Sounds)


  • Shaun Avant - Bass, Vocals
  • Tom Frank - Guitar, Vocals
  • Derek Halfmann - Guitar
  • JD Shadowz - Drums

List of Known Tours[]

  • Fears of The Dead European Tour (2016)
  • Duel & Komatsu European Tour (With Komatsu) (2016)[14]
  • Witchbanger European Tour (2017)[15][16]
  • 2018 North American Tour (2018)[17]
  • Valley of Shadows European Tour (2019)[18]
  • Valley of Shadows 2020 European Tour (2020)[19]
  • 2021 North American Tour (With War Cloud; Canceled) (2021)
  • In Carne Persona European Tour (2022)[20]

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