Background information
Origin Nashville, Tennessee (Early)
Louisville, Kentucky (Current)
Genres Drone, Experimental
Years active 2012 - Present
Labels Sweet Sounds, Banana Tapes, Somewherecold Records
Associated acts Brother Ares, Buddhist Pill, Endless Body, The Minor Second, Dronestore Cowboys
Website droneroom Facebook
Current members Blake Edward Conley
droneroom is a one-man drone/experimental project. With Blake Conley as the sole member, the project originated in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee as a side project. In the project's first few years, Conley recorded two EPs and two albums under the droneroom name. Upon moving to Louisville in 2016, droneroom would begin performing live and work on new material, eventually leading up to Jesus Year in 2018 to positive reviews.

droneroom's sound is based in minimalist drones but also country-esque rhythms along with pedal loops to create a fuller effect. Vocals are sparse but occasional.

Following the release of Jesus Year, droneroom would sign with Somewherecold Records for their next album I'll Make It Up To You, I Swear..., along with performing throughout the Kentucky and Tennessee area. In 2020 droneroom would follow with another studio album, a compilation album and a CD re-issue of Jesus Year.


  • So Much Magnetism (for Caleb Greene) (EP) (2012)
  • Trying to Remember What I Remember (Album) (2014)
  • Primitive Loop (Album) (2015)
  • Piss Poor (EP) (2015, Sweet Sounds)
  • Jesus Year (Album) (2018, Banana Tapes)
  • I'll Make It Up To You, I Swear... (Album) (2019, Somewherecold Records)
  • The Coyote Adrift in the Unfamiliar (Single) (2020, Silber Records)
  • The Other Doesn't (Studio Album) (2020, Humanhood Recordings)
  • Blood on Blood (Compilation Album) (2020, Somewherecold Records)


  • Blake Edward Conley - Guitar, Vocals (2012 - Present)


  • 2019 Mini-Tour (With Nonconnah) (2019)[1]
  • 2019 Autumn Tour (With Nonconnah) (2019)[2]


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  1. Facebook
  2. Nonconnah Facebook
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