Background information
Also known as ., dot
Origin Gliwice, Poland
Genres Ambient, Drone
Years active 2005 - ?
Current members Maciej Koper
Dronehouse (often stylized as dronehouse) is an ambient solo project formed in 2005 by Polish multi-instrumentalist Maciej Koper. Described by Koper as "Drone Doom Ambient with elements of Neoclassical music and Noise", Dronehouse served as an MP3-only project that released all of its music via Myspace, with refusal to adhere any sort of payment.

Since the release of a split with English doom metal band Sabazius titled Ruins Revisited / The Sermon to the Hypocrites in 2009, the history of the project is unknown.

. - 59

. - 59.40


  • Maciej Koper - All Instruments (2005 - ?)


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