Background information
Origin Borlänge, Sweden
Genres Stoner rock, stoner metal
Years active 1995–present
Labels MeteorCity, Man's Ruin Records, Molten Universe, Small Stone Records
Associated acts Unida, Greenleaf, Demon Cleaner, Lowrider
Current members Fredrik Nordin
Tommi Holappa
Johan Rockner
Olle Mårthans
Past members Magnus Larsson
Erik Bäckwall
Daniel Lidén
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Dozer is a four-piece stoner rock band from Borlänge, Sweden. Formed in 1995, they released 5 studio albums before falling into hiatus in 2009. The band reunited in 2012 to play DesertFest and have played sporadic dates since.



Dozer was formed in Borlänge, Sweden on December 25th 1995.[1] The original line-up of the band included Fredrik Nordin (vocals, rhythm guitar), Tommi Holappa (lead guitar), Magnus Larsson (bass) and Erik Bäckwall (drums).[2] The band began life playing local youth centres and getting themselves support slots when bands played their home town. In 1997, Larsson left the band to pursue his love of martial arts and was replaced on bass by Johan Rockner who has remained with the band ever since.[3]

In 1998 the band recorded and started to send out a demo, titled Universe 75.[4] Later in the year, they released their first of three splits with fellow Swedish stoner rock band Demon Cleaner through Molten Universe, titled Demon Cleaner vs. Dozer.[5] On April 20th 1999, Dozer also released a split with Unida.[6] Later in the year, they released the second and third of their splits with Demon Cleaner titled Hawaiian Cottage[7] and Domestic Dudes[8] respectively. In late 1999, Holappa formed another band, Greenleaf, which over the bands existence has included several members of Dozer.[9]

First Studio AlbumsEdit

During the bands early years, they sent a demo tape to Man's Ruin Records, a label which, at the time, was highly influential and acclaimed throughout the stoner rock scene. The owner of the label, Frank Kozik, was personally impressed with Dozer's sound and gave them a contract to record their first studio album. On 25th April 2000 Dozer released this album, titled In The Tail of a Comet,[10] which is said to have been recorded for only $500. Dozer supported the album with a European tour alongside fellow Swedish stoner rock band Lowrider.[11]

On 26th February 2001, they released their second album, Madre de Dios, again via Man's Ruin,[12] with a vinyl version released by Molten Universe.[13] Soon after the release of Madre de Dios, Man's Ruin Records began to wind down operations/[14] Dozer's first release after the demise of Man's Ruin was the 2001 split Sonic Reducer / El Cono del Encono with Argentinian band Los Natas via Black Juju Records. Dozer's half of the split was a cover of 'Sonic Reducer' by The Dead Boys. [15]

Dozer - Rising

Dozer - Rising

In 2003, Dozer released their third album, Call It Conspiracy via Molten Universe. The album was produced by Chips Kiesbye, a well known Swedish producer.[16] After the release of their third album, Bäckwall left the band, and was replaced on drums by Karl Daniel Lidén of Demon Cleaner and Greenleaf. The band released the track 'Rising' as a single later in 2003, and produced a video for the song.[17] In 2004 Dozer released the Star by Star split with Giants of Science[18] and also played their first American and Australian shows in May and June of the year.[11]

Later Years, Hiatus and ReturnEdit

Dozer's fourth album came on 24th January 2005 in the form of Through the Eyes of Heathens, released via Small Stone Records (CD)[19] and Molten Universe (vinyl).[20] The album was recorded at the Seawolf Studios in Helsinki, Finland. The track 'Until Man Exists No More' features vocals by Mastodon's Troy Sanders.[19]

In the early months of 2006, Lidén left the band and was replaced on drums by Olle Mårthans.[3] In 2007 they released a split with Brain Police, titled Exoskeleton, via Molten Universe.[21] Dozer's fifth album, Beyond Colossal, was released in the late months of 2008 via Small Stone. The album was recorded and mixed by former drummer, Lidén.[22] The album featured guest vocals by Neil Fallon of Clutch on the tracks 'Empire's End' and 'Two Coins for Eyes', and also featured organist Jocke Åslund on the track 'Bound for Greatness'.[22] The band followed it up with a short European tour. [11]

On 13th November 2009, Dozer played The Rockhouse in Borlänge, Sweden, it was thought at the time to be their last ever show as the band went on an indefinite hiatus due to vocalist Fredrik Nordin taking up his studies.[11] In the time prior to their hiatus, Dozer had toured frequently, playing over 300 shows across the world and sharing the stage with bands such as Clutch, Lowrider, Mastodon, Nebula, Unida and Spiritual Beggars.[11] During their hiatus, many of the band played with Greenleaf.[9]

On 21 November 2012, Dozer confirmed via their website that they were reuniting, with three shows booked.[23] The first of these shows took place on December 21st 2012 at Restaurang Liljan, in Borlänge, Sweden.[11] The other two shows were at DesertFest Berlin and DesertFest London respectively in April of 2013.[11] The reunion was initially orchestrated by Reece Tee, one of the main organisers of Desertfest London.[24]
Dozer @ Desertfest London 2013

Dozer @ Desertfest London 2013

Just prior to their shows at the DesertFest events, the band released a split 7" single with NYFM.[25] On 26th July 2013, they released a series of pre-production demos from the Through the Eyes of Heathens sessions as an EP titled Vultures.[26]

In 2014, the band played a date in London, with Lowrider and Steak, as well as Hellfest[11] and Up in Smoke Festival.[23] They are also set to play DesertFest Antwerp in October 2015.[27]


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