Background information
Origin Houston, Texas, USA
Genres Doom Metal, Traditional Doom Metal
Years active 2016 - Present
Labels DHU Records, No Slip Records
Associated acts Well of Souls, Vendetta Diabolique, Project Armageddon, Venomin James, Sparrowmilk
Website Doomstress Official
Band Logo
Doomstress Logo

Doomstress is a band from Houston, Texas. Formed in 2016 by former members of Well of Souls and Project Armageddon, Doomstress composes traditional doom metal and serves as the current main musical project of one Alexis Hollada.


Doomstress was officially announced on 11 May 2016 by The Obelisk, showcasing the band and also hosting a lyrics video for "Way Of The Mountain".[1] A listening party for the band's first demo Supernatural Kvlt Sounds was held at Rudyard's on 26 June 2016[2] with the band's first tour of the United States quickly following (Known as Wicked Summer. The band would release a 7" on 31 October entitled Wicked Woman, featuring a cover of the Coven song of the same name, with the band following with the Southern Bounty tour that November.

Doomstress would go into 2017 with frequent touring in between home state shows, beginning with a west coast tour alongside Disenchanter followed by another tour of the United States that May. Two more short tours would follow along with an EP entitled Supernatural Kvlt Sounds - The Second Rite, released on 17 December. The band has a split with Sparrowmilk along with more touring lined up for 2018. Doomstress would release their debut album Sleep Among The Dead on 10 May 2019 to positive reception and a solid amount of touring in support, including appearances at Doomed and Stoned Ohio, SX Stoner Jam, Mist Fest and many others.


  • Supernatural Kvlt Sounds (Demo) (2016, Self-Released)
  • Wicked Woman (7") (2016, DHU)
  • Supernatural Kvlt Sounds - The Second Rite (EP) (2017, NoSlip Records)
  • Doomstress/Sparrowmilk (Split with Sparrowmilk) (2018, DHU)
  • Sleep Among The Dead (Studio Album) (2019, DHU)


  • Doomstress Alexis - Bass, Vocals (2016 - Present)
  • Brandon Johnson - Guitars (2016 - Present)
  • Tomasz Scull - Drums (2016 - Present)


  • Wicked Summer (2016)[3]
  • Southern Bounty (2016)[4]
  • How The West Was Doomed (With Disenchanter) (2017)[5]
  • May-Day Mayhem! (2017)[6]
  • Scorched September (2017)[7]
  • October 2017 Tour (2017)[8]
  • February 2018 Tour (With Beerwolf) (2018)
  • Burning Roads (With Book of Wyrms) (2019)[9]
  • Coastal Slaughter (2019)[10]
  • March 2020 North American Tour (With 20 Watt Tombstone) (2020)[11]

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