Doomed & Stoned Festival
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Genre(s) Doom Metal, Stoner Metal, Sludge Metal
Location Various
Venue(s) Various
Years active 2016 - Present
Promoter(s) Doomed & Stoned
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Doomed & Stoned Festival is a festival beginning in 2016, featuring stoner, doom and sludge metal bands. Initially the main edition of the festival was held in Indianapolis while expanded editions and specific marquee events have been held in other parts of the United States. Nowadays the site hosts marquee events all over the United States.

Background[edit | edit source]

In 2016 doom/stoner website Doomed & Stoned opted to have a festival in Indianapolis, Indiana, a known popular location for doom metal. The first edition was announced in the summer with many of the initial bands announced, before announcing Cough and Bell Witch as their headliners. It would be held at 5th Quarter Lounge in November.

A follow-up edition was announced in early 2017. Originally intended to return to 5th Quarter the venue of choice would end up being at Indiana City Beer after 5th Quarter's closing. By the Spring the full lineup and days would be announced.[1]

Lineups[edit | edit source]

Doomed & Stoned Fest 2016[edit | edit source]

The inagural edition of Doomed & Stoned Festival was held at the 5th Quarter Lounge in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 18 & 19.

November 18 November 19
Cough Bell Witch
Youngblood Supercult Demon Eye
Toke Horseburner
Merlin Pale Divine
Heavy Temple Clouds Taste Satanic
Drude Bastard Lord
Thorr-Axe Foghound
Gorgantherron Belzefuzz
Archarus Witchhelm
Conjurer Horehound
Void King
Spirit Division

Doomed & Stoned Winter Showcase (2017)[edit | edit source]

A special marquee event hosted by Doomed & Stoned was held on 20 January 2017 at Ash Street in Portland, Oregon. This one-day event, headlined by Year of The Cobra, was billed as the Doomed & Stoned Winter Showcase.[2]

January 20
Year of The Cobra
Ancient Warlocks
Die Like Gentlemen
Young Hunter

Doomed & Stoned High Summer Fest (2017)[edit | edit source]

On 4 and 5 August 2017, Doomed & Stoned hosted a two-day festival known as Doomed & Stoned High Summer Fest. This took place at Ash Street in Portland, Oregon.

August 4 August 5
Disenchanter Ancient Warlocks
Year of The Cobra Klaw
Wounded Giant Teepee Creeper
Sarama Mammoth Salmon

Doomed & Stoned Fest 2017[edit | edit source]

The second edition of Doomed & Stoned Festival was be held at Indiana City Beer on 5 & 6 October 2017.

October 6 October 7
Wo Fat Acid Witch
Mothership Earthride
Ape Machine Geezer
Disenchanter Apostle of Solitude
Season of Arrows Freedom Hawk
Book of Wyrms Year of The Cobra
Swamp Ritual Fister
R'lyeh Black Tar Prophet
Devil To Pay

Orange County Doom Fest (2018)[edit | edit source]

The Orange County Doom Fest was held on 20 and 21 April 2018 at The Doll Hut in Anaheim, California. This event had Doomed & Stoned as the main sponsor. The supporting sponsors for the event were Black Bow Records, Ripple Music, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Heavy Hand Media.[3]

April 20 April 21
Yidhra Sixes
High Priestess Mammoth Thunderpower
Goliathan O Zorn
Dowager Mortar
Solar Haze The Black Sound

Doomed & Stoned Chicago (2018)[edit | edit source]

On 30 January 2018 it would be announced that Doomed & Stoned Festival would expand to a second edition in the year, with the second location being at Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago, Illinois. The dates set for the Chicago edition are 1 June - 3 June 2018 with Black Pyramid, ATTALLA, Sixes, and Brain Tentacles the first announced acts.

June 1 June 2 June 3
Inter Arma The Skull Whores.
Black Pyramid Sixes Brain Tentacles
Black Road Huntsmen Faces of the Bog
Attalla Brume Tripping The Mechanism
Shadow Witch Waft Pale Horseman
Snow Burial Of Wolves The Age of Truth
Pale Grey Lore Thorr-Axe Scientist

Doomed & Stoned Ohio (2018)[edit | edit source]

In April 2018, Doomed & Stoned announced an Ohio edition of the Doomed & Stoned Fest on 21 and 22 July at Buzzbin Art & Music Shop in Canton, Ohio. This event would feature 24 bands from Ohio and the surrounding areas.[4]

Saturday 21 July Sunday 22 July
Howling Giant Silent Monolith
Horseburner Close The Hatch
Pale Grey Lore Contra
Weed Demon Pillars
Enhailer Blackwater
Maharaja Goosed
Bridesmaid Sweaty Mammoth
Night Goat Supercorrupter
Black Spirit Crown Reflex Machine
Matter of Planets Urns
Doom Christ
Cult of Sorrow

Doomed & Stoned 2018[edit | edit source]

The 2018 Indianapolis edition of Doomed and Stoned Festival is set for 5 October - 7 October 2018 at Indiana City Beer in Indianapolis, Indiana. While the lineup was announced well in advance (Including one of the first bands from outside the country attending the festival in Sweden's Vokonis) many of the bands would cancel including both intended festival headliners Bang and Vokonis. Hollow Leg, Shroud Eater, Faces of The Bog and High Reeper would also cancel.

October 6 October 7
Wino Fistula
Mos Generator Witchkiss
Doomstress Cardinal's Folly
War Cloud Youngblood Supercult
Wiccans Bonehawk
Pale Horseman Cruthu
Black Road The Judge
Astral Mass Devil To Pay
The Great Electric Quest

Doomed & Stoned Chicago 2019[edit | edit source]

The 2019 edition of Chicago Doomed & Stoned would be hosted at Reggie's on 31 May and 1 June 2019, featuring fifteen bands over the two-day festivities.[5] Notably a pre-fest would be hosted at Soundgrowler Brewing Company on 30 May, featuring Weed Demon, Black Road and High Gallows.[6]

31 May 1 June
Torche Coven
Forming The Void Blood Ceremony
Frayle Demon Lung
High Priest Bask
Starless Witch Ripper
Uncouth Wolf Blood
Snow Burial

Doomed & Stoned Ohio 2019[edit | edit source]

The second annual Doomed & Stoned Ohio would be held on 26 and 27 July 2019 at Buzzbin Art and Music Shop in Canton, Ohio. Notably this would be one of the biggest Doomed and Stoned Festivals to date, hosting thirty bands over two stages that weekend. EarthQuaker Devices would be the sponsor for the event.[7]

26 July
Indoor Stage Outdoor Stage
Forming The Void Black Spirit Crown
Pillars Pale Grey Lore
Book of Wyrms Stillborn Prodigy
Fox 45 Bruja's Del Sol
Temple of Witch Supercorrupter
Cult of Sorrow Bourbon Train
27 July
Indoor Stage Outdoor Stage
Devil To Pay Doomstress
Ancient VVisdom Wasted Theory
Conjurer Weed Demon
Frayle Bridesmaid
Maharaja Drude
goosed Monastery
Reflex Machine Gudger
Doom Christ Sweaty Mammoth
Blind Scryer Pistil
Black Sire

Wisconsin Doomed & Stoned 2019[edit | edit source]

On 26 June 2019 Doomed & Stoned would announce the inaugural Doomed & Stoned Wisconsin, set for 22 and 23 November at The Cooperage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.[8] On 6 August the first band announced for the fest would be Cold Black River.[9][10]

22 November 23 November
Toke Mothership
Moon Rats Telekinetic Yeti
Droids Attack Ape Machine
20 Watt Tombstone High Gallows
Vanishing Kids Cold Black River
Wardehns Lost Tribes of The Moon

Sun Burn: Doomed & Stoned Australia[edit | edit source]

Sun Burn would be a two-day festival presented by Doomed & Stoned, also known as Doomed & Stoned Australia, hosting stoner and doom bands throughout Australia. Both nights would be hosted at The Tote in Collingwood, Victoria, Australia.[11][12]

29 November 30 November
Dr. Colossus Witchskull
Lucifungus Pod People
Swamp Dweller Peeping Tom
Thaw Whitehorse
Earth Tongue
Burn The Hostages

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