Doom in Bloom
Doom in Bloom
Poster for the 2018 edition.
Background information
Genre(s) Doom Metal, Traditional Doom, Epic Doom Metal, Psychedelic, Drone, Experimental
Date(s) Various
Location Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany
Venue(s) Jugendhaus Farbstraße (1996 - 1997, 2008 - 2009)
KOMMA Kultur Esslingen (2016 - Present)
Years active 1996 - 1997, 2008 - 2009, 2016 - Present
Associated Events Psych in Bloom, Doom Shall Rise
Website Doom in Bloom Official

Doom in Bloom is a doom metal festival held in Bietigheim-Bissingen in varying editions since 1996. It has been billed as the first and longest-standing doom metal festival in Germany despite two lengthy hiatuses. Since 2016 the festival has become more active on a yearly basis, even adding a successful spin-off known as Psych in Bloom. The festival is also notable as being a non-profit event.

1996: Doom Metal FestivalEdit

The inaugural Doom in Bloom, then simply known as Doom Metal Festival, was held on 12 January 1996 at Jugendhaus Farbstraße in Bissingen, Germany.[1]

Jugendhaus Farbstraße
Astral Rising
Mirror of Deception
Dawn of Winter

1997: Doom in Bloom IIEdit

The second edition of Doom in Bloom, now officially going by that title, would be held on 3 May 1997 at Jugendhaus Farbstraße, this time featuring eight bands.[2]

Jugendhaus Farbstraße
Dawn of Winter
Grief of God
Jack Frost
Mirror of Deception

2008: Doom in Bloom IIIEdit

The third edition of Doom in Bloom (and the first to be hosted in eleven years) would be held on 23 February 2008 at Jugendhaus Farbstraße, featuring six bands.

Jugendhaus Farbstraße
Earth Flight
Versus The Stillborn Minded

2009: Doom in Bloom IVEdit

The 2009 edition of Doom in Bloom would be held on 23 May 2009 at Jugendhaus Farbstraße, featuring five bands.[3]

Jugendhaus Farbstraße
Grief of God
Mills of God
Mirror of Deception

2016: Doom in Bloom V: 20th AnniversaryEdit

The fifth edition of Doom in Bloom, curated for the event's 20th anniversary, would be hosted on 8 October 2016 at KOMMA Kultur Esslingen. This event would feature six bands and for the first time, a band from the United States in SubRosa. Notably this event and a subsequent event on 30 October (With Petrified)[4] would serve as release parties for Heavy Burden by Naevus.[5]

KOMMA Kultur Esslingen
Mirror of Deception
Versus The Stillborn-Minded

2017: Psych in Bloom IEdit

In 2017 a new spin-off of the Doom in Bloom Festival would be unveiled, known as Psych in Bloom. The inaugural edition of this spin-off would be held on 6 and 7 October 2017 at KOMMA Kultur Esslingen. Revolution of Sound. Tangerine Dream would host a set on both days at Kommunales Kino while a Synthesizer Workshop would be hosted at Tanzsaal on Saturday.[6][7]

6 October
Main Stage
7 October
Main Stage
7 October
5-9 Stage
Eddie Aier & Saint Gut-Free
5-9 Stage Afterparty
Acid Mothers Temple Summerisle Lord & Troglodyt
5-9 Stage Afterparty
Space Invaders Radar Men from the Moon Liza Lauda
Camera Mouth Les Six
Wight 10000 Russos Günter Schlienz & Hanno Braun
Tristan Reverb Jamhed Korb
Wolfgang Seidel
reading "Wir müssen hier raus!"

2018: Doom in Bloom VIEdit

The 2018 edition of Doom in Bloom would be hosted at KOMMA Kultur Esslingen on 7 April 2018. Notably Hangman's Chair were intended to perform but had to drop off due to family reasons, with Cardinal's Folly replacing them in a rare German appearance. The after-show would be provided at 5-9 Bar by Frank Drake of Powertrip.[8][9]

KOMMA Kultur Esslingen
Cardinal's Folly
Bees Made Honey
in The Vein Tree
From Yuggoth

2019: Psych in Bloom IIEdit

The second edition of Psych in Bloom would be announced on 1 December 2018, with pre-sales available at the time.[10] A portion of the lineup would be announced on 30 December, along with film screenings, drone workshops, lectures, art exhibits and more.[11] Ultimately the second edition of Psych in Bloom was held on 15 - 17 March 2019 at KOMMA Kultur Esslingen.[12]

15 MarchEdit

Main Stage Drone Stage
Hyperdrone Ensemble Ago
The Oscillation Die Felsen
Jack Ellister Imaginary Musics
Film Screening
Pub Cerenkov Taste Preview
Film Screening

16 MarchEdit

Main Stage Drone Stage
The Telescopes Throw Down Bones
Xiu Xiu Aiden Baker & Korb-Modular
Vibravoid Perigon
Super Candy Mountain Horst Porkert
Lecture/Spoken Word
Fluktuation 8 Taste Preview
Film Screening
Thisquietarmy Arkestrah
Imaginary Musics
Film Screening

17 MarchEdit

The 17 March edition would feature a single performer in Les Six & PPLC on the Main Stage, preceded by a brunch and film screenings.

2021: Psych in Bloom IIIEdit

Originally intended for 2020 but delayed due to The CO-VID19 Pandemic, Psych in Bloom announced in late June that they would be hosting in 2021.

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