Doom Division
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Background information
Origin Stuttgart, Germany
Genres Southern Metal, Stoner Metal
Years active 2006 - Present
Website Doom Division @ Facebook
Current members Tschech, Strayler, Sugar, Bondage, Romsche

Since the foundation of Doom Division in 2006 Tschech (vocals), Strayler (guitar), Sugar (guitar), Bondage (bass) and Romsche (drums)
from Stuttgart/Germany have focused on one single goal:
To worship the riff!

In doing so they absolutely nailed to combine viscous heaviness with a casual rock attitude without sitting between two chairs.

In late 2009 the demo "Exposed To Experience" (8 tacks, 44 minutes) has been released.
Because the physical version is out of stock, the demo can be downloaded for free at Doom Division @ Bandcamp

Since October 2014 the self-produced record "Train Rolls On" (11 tracks, 61 minutes) is available.

The lyrics deal with classical subjects inspired by blues and rock ‘n’ roll
just like hard work and dissolute lifestyle as well as themes of leaving and being left.

Beside well-aimed guitar effects there are bluesharp and slide-guitar called into action every now and then what gives the record a bluesy drive.

In terms of production the sound is polished and with much passion for details but still leaves enough room for a proper dose of “dirt”.

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