Dining With The Sharks
Dining With The Sharks
Studio album by Blue Cheer
Released June 15 1991
Recorded 1990 - 1991
Genre Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Stoner Rock, Blues Rock
Length 47:43
Label Nibelung
Producer Roland Hofmann
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Dining With The Sharks
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Dining With The Sharks is the ninth studio album by Blue Cheer. Released in 1991 it is notably the only studio album to feature one-time guitarist Dieter Saller and features a cover of "Foxy Lady" by Jimi Hendrix. Reception of this record ranges from average to poor, for example AllMusic (2/5 stars) describing it having "adopted a faceless musical direction during this "revival" period that was somewhat derivative of artists that had (in all likelihood) been influenced by the band."[1] Only Solitaire (giving the album a thumbs down) closes their review with the following sentiment on the album: "If this were at least «comically» bad, I could have found it in me to say a few kind words — but since it is «boringly bad», which is really the worst kind of bad there is".[2]


  • 1. Big Noise (Dickie Peterson, Bruce Stephens, John Rewind) (4:51)
  • 2. Outrider (Peterson) (6:19)
  • 3. Sweet Child of Reeperbahn (Peterson, Saller) (4:12)
  • 4. Gunfight (Peterson, Saller) (6:53)
  • 5. Audio Whore (Peterson) (3:53)
  • 6. Cut The Costs (Peterson, Saller) (3:41)
  • 7. Sex Soldier (Peterson, Saller) (5:05)
  • 8. When Two Spirits Touch (Peterson) (3:52)
  • 9. Pull The Trigger (Saller) (5:20)
  • 10. Foxy Lady (Jimi Hendrix) (3:51)


  • Dickie Peterson - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
  • Paul Whaley - Drums, Percussion
  • Dieter Saller - Guitars, Percussion
  • Tony McPhee - Slide Guitar (9)
  • Roland Hofmann - Producer, Handclaps and Good Vibes (9)
  • Dave Anderson - Handclaps and Good Vibes (9)
  • Mick Jones - Handclaps and Good Vibes (9)
  • Harry Love - Handclaps and Good Vibes (9)

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  1. AllMusic
  2. Only Solitaire Blog

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