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Background information
Genre(s) Stoner Rock, Doom, Psych, Sludge, Fuzz
Date(s) April/May (Annually)
Location Camden, London, England
Venue(s) The Roundhouse, Koko, Electric Ballroom, Camden Underworld, The Black Heart, Purple Turtle, Jazz Cafe, Vans Store
Years active 2012 - 2019, 2022 - Present
Promoter(s) Desertscene
Associated Events DesertFest, DesertFest Berlin, DesertFest Antwerp, Desertfest Athens, Desertfest New York
Website The DesertFest

DesertFest London is one of several annual festivals which run under the DesertFest banner. Each year, the festival is a three day event showcasing bands from the whole stoner rock scene. The festival takes place in the Camden area of London, England. Like its German counterpart, the first event ran in 2012[1].

Background[edit | edit source]

DesertFest London was first conceived of by Reece Tee and Jake Farey of the music promotions company Desertscene.[2] Desertscene started organising shows in 2009, the first of which was Truckfighters.[2] After gaining experience promoting individual bands and hearing the people at those shows' desire for a UK festival like Roadburn, they decided to create DesertFest.[2]

The first festival was officially announced on 26th July 2011 via a Facebook post,[3] but posters advertising the festival were placed at London's High Voltage Festival.[4] Early on in development of the first edition of the festival, the team behind DesertFest partnered with Sound of Liberation to make a German equivalent, DesertFest Berlin.[1] The first band announcement for DesertFest London took place on 24th October 2011.[5]

The first edition of the event took place in Camden, London between 6th and 8th of April 2012.[6]. The venues for the first edition of DesertFest London were The Underworld, Purple Turtle and The Black Heart.[6] The event has remained annual, taking place within the months of April and May. Though still taking place in Camden, venues have differed throughout the years, with larger venues, such as The Electric Ballroom and Koko.[7] The event will return for a 5th year in 2016, taking place from the 29th April to 1st May.[8]

2012[edit | edit source]


Sungrazer If Desertfest London 2012

The first edition of DesertFest London took place on the 6th, 7th and 8th of April 2012.[6] The venues of this first DesertFest London were The Underworld, Purple Turtle and The Black Heart, all situated in the Camden area of London.[6] The first bands were announced on 24th October 2011 and were Orange Goblin, Church of Misery, Truckfighters, Valient Thorr and Gentlemans Pistols.[9] The headliners for the event were Karma To Burn, Orange Goblin and Corrosion of Conformity.[10] The festival played host to over 50 bands and sold out before the event.[1]

Friday 6th April
The Underworld Purple Turtle The Black Heart
Karma To Burn Orchid Asteroid
Rotor Lord Vicar Astrohenge
Ancestors Sigiriya Gonga
Sons of Alpha Centauri Greenleaf Asteroid
Acoustic Set
Stone Axe Crystal Head
Trippy Wicked Stone Axe
Ponamero Sundown

Saturday 7th April
The Underworld Purple Turtle The Black Heart
Orange Goblin Slabdragger Grifter
Church Of Misery Black Pyramid Diesel King
Truckfighters Herder The Bendal Interlude
Valient Thorr Dopefight Alunah
Sungrazer Serpent Venom Ashes of Iron
Roadsaw Iron Witch Steak
Shrine 69 Spider Kitten Deville
Acoustic Set
Zippo Meadows

Sunday 8th April
The Underworld Purple Turtle The Black Heart
Corrosion of Conformity Viking Skull Gorilla
Black Cobra Samsara Blues Experiment Undersmile
Zoroaster Iron Claw Desert Storm
Gentlemans Pistols Cultura Tres XII Boar
Leaf Hound Widows Undersmile
Acoustic Set
Crystal Head Sedulus Death Letter
Throne Dead Existence Ellie Mathews

2013[edit | edit source]


UNIDA @ Desertfest London 2013

The second DesertFest London took place on the 26th, 27th and 28th April 2013.[11] The event was held in four venues; Electric Ballroom, The Underworld, Jazz Cafe and The Black Heart. In addition to the main venues, 2013's edition saw the introduction of the Vans Store Stage, hosting intimate and acoustic sets.[12] The first band announced for the festival were Lowrider.[11] The headliners for 2013's event were Fatso Jetson, Unida and Pentagram. The event was notable for bringing about the reunion of the bands Unida, Dozer and Lowrider.[2] All three bands played the Electric Ballroom on the Saturday of the event.

Friday 26th April
The Underworld Jazz Cafe The Black Heart
Fatso Jetson Kadavar Steak
Yawning Man Hexvessel Deville
Yawning Sons Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell Tombstones
Mars Red Sky Sons of Merrick Trippy Wicked
Black Moth Groan Prosperina
Crystal Head Mother Corona
Rise of the Simians

Saturday 27th April
Electric Ballroom The Underworld The Black Heart
Unida Ufomammut Bong
Dozer Wo Fat Wodensthrone
Lowrider Pagan Altar Zoltan
House of Broken Promises Abrahma Black Magician
Turbowolf Dyse War Iron
Chron Goblin Skeleton Gong
Gurt Angist

Sunday 28th April
Electric Ballroom The Underworld The Black Heart
Pentagram Bongripper Planet of Zeus
Colour Haze Cough The Shrine
Truckfighters Witch Mountain Castle
Naam Belzebong Latitudes
Victor Griffin's In-Graved Toner Low Humanfly
Glowsun Conan Limb
Blackstorm Throne
Sea Bastard Whoremoan

Vans Store Stage
Friday 26th Saturday 27th Sunday 28th
Crystal Head House of Broken Promises Tombstones
Hexvessell Dyse Chron Goblin
Trippy Wicked

2014[edit | edit source]


The Cosmic Dead @ Desertfest London 2014

The third DesertFest London took place on the 25th, 26th and 27th April 2014.[13] The event was held in three venues; Electric Ballroom, The Underworld and The Black Heart.[13] In addition to the main venues, the Vans Store once again hosted a handful of acoustic and intimate sets. [13] The first band announced for the event were Black Rainbows on 30th September 2013.[14] Headliners for 2014's event were Spirit Caravan, Kvelertak and Boris.[13] Spirit Caravan, like several bands from the 2013 event, were encouraged to reform by the DesertFest organisers to play the event.[2]

Friday 25th April
Electric Ballroom The Underworld The Black Heart
Spirit Caravan The Machine Horisont
Ultra Electric Mega Galactic Sixty Watt Shaman Zodiac
Sasquatch Borracho Necro Dethmort
Monkey3 Swamp Machine Earls of Mars
Death Ape Disco
To the Bones

Saturday 26th April
Electric Ballroom The Underworld The Black Heart
Kvelertak Dragged into Sunlight The Cosmic Dead
Weedeater The Body Ghold
Samsara Blues Experiment 11 Paranoias Hotel City Wrecking Traders
ASG Hey Colossus Dead Existence
Ancients Arabot Wizard Fight
Slabdragger The Witches Drum

Sunday 27th April
Electric Ballroom The Underworld The Black Heart
Boris Kongh Grandloom
Church of Misery Eagle Twin The Midnight Ghost Train
Elder Sourvein Hull
Radio Moscow Graves at Sea Wolfshead
Lonely Kamel Grime Bright Curse
Black Rainbows Pombagira Baron Greenback
War Wolf

Vans Store Stage
Friday 25th Saturday 26th Sunday 27th
Horisont ASG Elder
Acoustic Set
Earls of Mars Grandloom
Acoustic Set
Bright Curse

2015[edit | edit source]



The fourth DesertFest London ran on the 24th, 25th and 26th April 2015. [15] The event was held in six venues of Camden, London; Electric Ballroom, The Underworld, The Black Heart, Jazz Cafe, Purple Turtle and, for the first time, Koko. The first band announced for the event were headliners, Sleep, almost a full year before the festival on May 1st 2014.[15] Joining Sleep as headliners for the event were Red Fang and Eyehategod. [16] 2015's event also saw dedicated one day stages curated by Metal Hammer[17] and Prog Magazine.[18]

Friday 24th April
Electric Ballroom The Underworld The Black Heart
Red Fang Noothgrush Gonga
Orange Goblin Minsk Galvano
The Atomic Bitchwax Black Cobra Miava
Floor Agrimonia Dead Existence
Dopethrone Iron Walrus
Walk Through Fire Torpor

Saturday 25th April
Electric Ballroom The Underworld The Black Heart Jazz Cafe
Eyehategod Obake Hang The Bastard Amplifier
Brant Bjork Bong War Drum Sweet Billy Pilgrim
Lo Pan Anthroprophh Mike IX Williams
Spoken Word Set
I am the Morning
Black Pyramid Shit and Shine Ten Foot Wizard Messenger
Vintage Caravan Sly & the Family Drone Jeremy Irons Sumer
Palehorse Bad Guys Landskap
Sex Swing Don Fernando

Sunday 26th April
Koko The Underworld The Black Heart Purple Turtle
Sleep Angel Witch SSS The Wounded Kings
Ufomammut Cancer Satanic Dystopia Order of Israfel
Acid King Quartz Solitude Desert Storm
Karma To Burn Amulet Wytch Hazel XII Boar
My Sleeping Karma Decrepid Saille Moaning Cities
Dungeon Consecration

  • End of Level Boss were scheduled to play a special reunion set at The Black Heart of Friday, but had to pull out shortly before the festival. They were replaced by Dead Existence.[19]

2016[edit source]

Desertfest London 2016 - Main Poster.jpg

DesertFest London 2016 will take place, once again in various venues of Camden, from the 29th April to the 1st May 2016.[8] On September 2nd 2015, the first bands for the 2016 edition were announced, with Electric Wizard confirmed as one of the weekend's three main headliners, and Elder, Conan, Raging Speedhorn and Witchsorrow also confirmed to appear. [20] Venues for the 2016 edition were also confirmed on the same day to be Electric Ballroom (main stage for Friday and Saturday), Koko (main stage for Sunday), Camden Underworld, The Black Heart and The Jazz Cafe (which will be curated by The Quietus on the Saturday).[21] A second batch of nine bands were announced on October 28th 2015.[22] On November 5th, the second headliner for the 2016 edition was revealed as Corrosion of Conformity (with Pepper Keenan).[23] On December 21st, it was announced on Desertfest's official Facebook page that Old Empire would once again be curating a stage at the Electric Ballroom on the Sunday of the festival.[24] The Old Empire stage will be headlined by the previously announced Godlesh.[24] A further 10 bands were announced on December 22nd, including the recently reformed Asteroid.[25] The lineup for a stage curated by The Quietus was announced on the 15th of January 2016.[26] The Quietus stage will be hosted on Friday 29th April at The Black Heart and is set to be headlined by JK Flesh.[26] A stage curated by Human Disease and When Planets Collide was announced on January 22nd.[27] The stage will be hosted on Saturday 30th April at Camden Underworld.[27] On 26th January, the previously announced band Stoned Jesus stated via a post on Facebook that they could no longer play the festival[28]; this was later confirmed by Desertfest.[29] On 28th January, the festival added16 more bands, including the third headliner Russian Circles.[30] This announcement also confirmed that Corrosion of Conformity would headline the Friday, Russian Circles would headline the Saturday (with Pelican as main support) and that Electric Wizard would headline the Sunday (with Trouble playing a 30th anniversary show as main support).[30] On 8th February, the full day and stage splits for the festival were announced.[31] On 22nd March, the final bands were announced; Telepathy were added to The Black Heart on the Saturday[32] and a free entry stage held at The Devonshire Arms was also added to the Saturday.[33]

Friday 29th April
Electric Ballroom The Underworld The Black Heart
The Quietus Stage
Corrosion of Conformity Rotor JK Flesh
Crowbar Raging Speedhorn The Poisoned Glass
Asteroid Lionize Teeth Of The Sea
Egypt Planet of Zeus Guapo
Black Pussy Bonnacons of Doom
GURT Lower Slaughter

Saturday 30th April
Electric Ballroom The Underworld
Human Disease Promo /
When Planets Collide Stage
The Black Heart The Devonshire Arms
Nightshift Promotions Stage
Russian Circles Unearthly Trance Mantar Ten Foot Wizard
Pelican Samothrace Crystal Head Vvovnds
Truckfighters Monarch! Sunder Ithaca
Conan Fleshpress Spider Kitten My Project Ghost
Monomyth Slomatics Dusteroid
Counterblast Telepathy
BongCauldron Poseidon

Sunday 1st May
Koko Electric Ballroom
Old Empire Stage
The Underworld The Black Heart
Electric Wizard Godflesh Wo Fat Mondo Drag
30th Anniversary Show
Blood Ceremony Mothership Carousel
Elder Oranssi Pazuzu Stinking Lizaveta Beastmaker
Monolord Necro Deathmort Siena Root The Moth
Bast DŸSE Sedulus
Witchsorrow OHHMS Dog Days

2017[edit | edit source]

On 13 October 2016, after a successful fully sold out Desertfest, the 2017 edition was announced. With Malleus Rock Art Lab once again providing the artwork, the dates were confirmed to be on 28 - 30 April in London. The initial lineup featured eight bands and Turbonegro as the first headliner.[34] On 25 January 2017 it was announced that The Quietus had curated a stage for one of the days of the fest.[35] A pre-show happened at The Black Heart in London on 27 April featuring Iron Void and Wretch.[36]

Friday 28 April
The Electric Ballroom The Underworld The Black Heart
The Quietus Stage
Devonshire Arms
Nightshift Promotions
Slo Burn The Picturebooks Zombi Apey & The Pea
Lowrider Steak Terminal Cheesecake Closet Disco Queen
Stoned Jesus Vodun Khunnt Grand Mammoth
1000mods Death Alley Bask Leadfoot
Pontiak The Well Bruxa Maria
Grave Lines

Saturday 29 April
The Electric Ballroom The Underworld
The Black Heart Devonshire Arms
Turbonegro Bongzilla Earth Ship Chron Goblin
John Garcia Scissorfight Stubb Welcome Back Delta
Black Spiders Inter Arma Backwoods Payback Dead Lettuce
Satan's Satyrs Celeste Iron Witch Monstertone
Avon Brume Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard
Monolithian Brule

Sunday 30 April
The Roundhouse The Underworld The Black Heart
Sleep Samsara Blues Experiment Dead Lord
Candlemass Yuri Gagarin Chubby Thunderous Dead Kush Masters
Wolves in the Throne Room Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Wucan
Saint Vitus Wear Your Wounds Mammoth Storm
Bongzilla Elephant Tree Boss Keloid
Hark Venomous Maximus
Wizard Fight

2018[edit | edit source]

On 3 August 2017 the dateswould be announced for the 2018 edition of Desertfest London, set for 4 - 6 May 2018.[37] The first band announcements would come on 22 September 2017 with seven bands announced and the first headliner of Monster Magnet. The second round of announcements came on 12 November with Graveyard announced as the second headliner. On 24 November 2017 it was announced The Old Empire would curate one of the stages at Desertfest London (4 May, Electric Ballroom) with Napalm Death as the stage's headliner.[38] The final headliner of High on Fire and the rest of the lineup would be announced on 12 January 2018. A pre-show ceremony was announced on 9 March, featuring ASG and Flask House at The Black Heart on Thursday 3 May 2018.[39]

Friday 4 May
Koko The Electric Ballroom
The Old Empire Stage
The Underworld The Black Heart
The Quietus Stage
Devonshire Arms
Graveyard ASG
After Party Set
Jex Thoth White Hills Dopelord
The Obsessed Napalm Death Radio Moscow Ghold Tuskar
Zeke Eyehategod Freedom Hawk Snapped Ankles Lionize
Planet of Zeus Warning Black Moth Melting Hand Morass of Molasses
Five The Heirophant The Black Wizards Casual Nun
ADCX Old Man Lizard Swedish Death Candy

Saturday 5 May
The Electric Ballroom The Underworld The Black Heart Devonshire Arms
Nightshift Promotions
High on Fire Steak Number Eight Miss Lava Darkher
Weedeater Black Rainbows The Watchers Telepathy
Church of Misery Dead Witches Mastiff Crowd of Chairs
Akercocke Cattle Mountains Snow Burial
Sourvein Wino Crumpet Lotus
Puppy Trevor's Head Monolithian
Tom Cameron

Sunday 6 May
The Roundhouse The Underworld
HDP & WPC Stage
The Black Heart Devonshire Arms
Monster Magnet Death Alley
After Party Set
King Buffalo The Necromancers
Hawkwind Weedeater
Special Early Years Set
Kind Soileme
Nebula Primitive Man Blackwulf Lo Chief
Elder Bison LLNN
Monolord Suma CHRCH
Fister Pist

2019[edit | edit source]

On 24 July 2018 the dates would be announced for the 2019 (8th annual) DesertFest in London, with pre-sales and bands to be later announced. The festival is set between 3 and 5 May 2019[40] On 21 September 2018 the first leg of bands for the 2019 edition would be announced, including Dvne, We Hunt Buffalo, Colour Haze, Earthless, Witch, Kadavar and All Them Witches.[41] On 29 November the second wave of bands would be announced including Om, Wovenhand, Stoned Jesus, Mondo Generator and The Great Electric Quest among others.[42] On 20 December the festival would announce the full 5 May 2019 lineup at the Roundhouse, featuring Colour Haze, Earthless, Witch, All Them Witches and Sunday headliner Fu Manchu.[43] On 31 January 2019 the last headliner in Amenra would be announced along with full day splits (With the Devonshire Arms stage TBA).[44] On 5 April 2019 the full schedule would be posted including twelve additional acts performing at The Devonshire Arms over the weekend. Sunday's bands at Devonshire would be a curated showcase of Americana bands entitled The Black Deer Stage.[45]

A handful of bands would notably cancel on the weekend of Desertfest London 2019. Drore would drop off on 3 May due to one of the members sustaining a broken hand while on the same day it would be announced that Naxatras would drop off due to scheduling complications. Monkey3 would also cancel their performance on 4 May due to some of their equipment being damaged.

Friday 3 May
The Electric Ballroom
Old Empire Stage
The Underworld
Riding Easy Stage
The Black Heart Devonshire Arms
Om Electric Citizen Skraeckoedlan Whoremoan
Wovenhand R.I.P. Blanket Cities of Mars
Grave Miasma Zig-Zags One For Sorrow Orbital Junction
HHY & The Macumbas Alastor The Great Electric Quest
Jaye Jayle Blackwater Holylight High Priestess
The Shrine
After Party Set
Vokonis 1968
The Great Machine

Saturday 4 May
The Electric Ballroom The Underworld
Human Disease / When Planets Collide Stage
The Black Heart Devonshire Arms
Amenra Black Tusk We Hunt Buffalo Wrong
Kadavar The Skull Salem's Bend Coilguns
Stoned Jesus Acid Cannibals Zed Mother's Cake
Dvne Headless Kross Psychlona Heads
Arabrot High Fighter Enos
Kalloused Worshipper
Elephant Tree

Sunday 5 May
The Roundhouse The Underworld The Black Heart Devonshire Arms
The Black Deer Stage
Fu Manchu Mondo Generator High Reeper The Vanguards
All Them Witches The Devil & The Almighty Blues Messa The Fargo Railroad Co.
Witch The Secret Kurokuma The Southern Companion
Earthless CHVE & Syndrome Video Nasties The Outlaw Orchestra
Colour Haze Sabbath Assembly Wren
Surya Mountain Caller

2020 (Canceled)[edit | edit source]

A 2020 edition of DesertFest Berlin would be announced not long after the 2019 edition would be finished, though it would not be until 30 September 2019 that the first bands would be announced.[46] The first announced bands would be Masters of Reality, Brant Bjork, Corrosion of Conformity, Orange Goblin, The Picturebooks, Green Lung, The Brothers Keg, Possessor and Black Orchid. A following update would announce Witchcraft as one of the headliners. On 16 January 2020 several more bands would be announced, including Graveyard as a headliner. By 7 February the majority of the lineup was revealed, with day and stage shifts.[47] On 27 March 2020 it would be announced that due to the CO-VID19 pandemic Desertfest London would be canceled, with the organizers working towards the 2021 edition.[48]

Friday 1 May
The Electric Ballroom The Underworld
Human Disease Promo Stage
The Black Heart Devonshire Arms
Masters of Reality Big Business Spirit Adrift The Hazytones
Corrosion of Conformity Sourvein Firebreather The Brothers Keg
Orange Goblin Switchblade Dungeon A Gazillion Angry Mexicans
Brant Bjork Black Lab King Witch Black Orchids
Maidavale Blind Monarch Gevaudan Possessor

Saturday 2 May
The Electric Ballroom The Underworld The Black Heart Devonshire Arms
Blues Pills Khemmis Grotto Alunah
Witchcraft Raging Speedhorn Your Highness Lacertilia
Lowrider Green Lung Gurt 1782
Conan Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight Five Down Below
Naxatras Poseidon Desert Storm
Grin Orbital Junction

Sunday 3 May
The Electric Ballroom The Underworld The Black Heart
Human Disease Promo Stage
Devonshire Arms
Graveyard Somali Yacht Club Hexis TBA
Pissed Jeans Sacri Monti Opium Lord
1000mods Huntsmen Shuck
Bombus Monarch Human Leather
10 Foot Wizard Tides of Sulfur
Morag Tung Under

2022[edit | edit source]

The 2021 edition of Desertfest London, billed as "A Decade in The Desert", would be announced and set for May 2021 following the announcement of the 2020 edition being canceled. It would eventually be postponed to 2022.

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References[edit | edit source]

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