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Desertfest Belgium
Background information
Genre(s) Stoner Rock, Doom, Sludge, Psychedelic Rock & more
Date(s) October (Annually)
Location Antwerp, Belgium
Ghent, Belgium
Venue(s) Trix
Years active 2014 - Present
Promoter(s) Desertscene, Sound of Liberation
Associated Events DesertFest, DesertFest London, DesertFest Berlin, Desertfest Athens, Desertfest New York
Website Official Website

Desertfest Belgium is one of several annual festivals which run under the DesertFest banner. Each year, the festival is a three day event showcasing bands from the whole stoner rock scene. The festival takes place in Antwerp, Belgium. Desertfest Belgium was the third of the Desertfest events to be introduced, first being held in 2014 (unlike its English and German counterparts which were both first held in 2012[1]).


The original DesertFest, DesertFest London, was first conceived of by Reece Tee and Jake Farey of the music promotions company Desertscene.[2] Desertscene started organising shows in 2009, the first of which was Truckfighters.[2] After gaining experience promoting individual bands and hearing the people at those shows' desire for a UK festival like Roadburn Festival, they decided to create DesertFest.[2]

The first Desertfest London was officially announced on 26th July 2011 via a Facebook post,[3] but posters advertising the festival were placed at London's High Voltage Festival.[4] Early on in development of the first edition of Desertfest London, the team behind the festival partnered with Sound of Liberation to make a German equivalent, DesertFest Berlin.[1] The first DesertFest Berlin was publicly announced, via Facebook, on October 9th 2011.[5]

After two successful years in London and Berlin, DesertFest was expanded into Belgium. On 23rd April 2014, the newly created Desertfest Belgium Facebook page confirmed that a Belgian edition of Desertfest would take place.[6] The event took place between Friday the 10th and Sunday the 12th of October, at Trix in Antwerp, Belgium.[6] The event has remained an annual fixture, continuing to take place at Trix in Antwerp, Belgium every October. A third edition of the event is scheduled to take place between the 14th and 16th of October in 2016.[7]



Brant Bjork - Freaks of Nature at Desertfest Belgium, 12-10-14

The first edition of Desertfest Belgium was announced on 23rd April 2014 via a Facebook post. [7] The event took place between Friday 10th and 12th of October 2014 at Trix in Antwerp, Belgium. [7] On the same day, the first bands were announced for the event, which were Electric Wizard, Monkey3 and All Them Witches.[8] The headliners for the event were Kadavar, Electric Wizard and Fu Manchu.[9] By 8th October 2014, the festival was confirmed to have sold out of tickets.[10] On the same day, the band Slabdragger had to pull out of the festival due to health reason.[11] They were replaced by Old Man Lizard.[11]

Friday 10th October
Desert Stage Canyon Stage Vulture Stage
Kadavar The Bevis Frond Lecherous Gaze
Truckfighters Toner Low The Vintage Caravan
Blues Pills The Picturebooks Valley of the Sun

Saturday 11th October
Desert Stage Canyon Stage Vulture Stage
Electric Wizard Karma To Burn Purson
Yob The Shrine Celeste
Pallbearer Herder Your Highness
Satan's Satyrs Steak Dirty Fences
Cowboys & Aliens Moonward Death Alley
Dave Celia

Sunday 12th October
Desert Stage Canyon Stage Vulture Stage
Fu Manchu Monkey3 Pontiak
Brant Bjork Jex Thoth The Flying Eyes
Colour Haze Sardonis Black Moth
Conan Black Bombain Brutus
Old Man Lizard Moaning Cities 1000mods




GREENLEAF "With Eyes Wide Open" @Desertfest Belgium - Oct. 10, 2015 Desert-Rock.com

On 12th June 2015, a second edition of the festival was announced via Facebook.[12] The event took place between Friday 9th October and Sunday 11th October, once again at Trix in Antwerp, Belgium.[12] On the same day, the first bands were announced as Melvins, who were initially set to headline the festival, with Fatso Jetson, Pyschonaut, 3rd Ear Experience and Fever Dog also playing.[12] On 13th July 2015, previously announced band Melvins were forced to cancel due to a previously reached exclusivity deal with Incubate festival in Tilburg.[13] The main stage headliners for the event were Dozer, Earth and Goatsnake.[14] Ruby the Hatchet were originally confirmed to play, but had to cancel their appearance, as well as their entire European tour, for personal reasons.[15]

Friday 9th October
Desert Stage Canyon Stage Vulture Stage
Dozer Stoned Jesus Cartlon Melton
Moon Duo The Machine Wucan
Monolord Psychonaut The Heavy Crown
Planet of Zeus

Saturday 10th October
Desert Stage Canyon Stage Vulture Stage
Earth Causa Sui Harsh Toke
Orange Goblin Mars Red Sky USA out of Vietnam
Greenleaf Vandal X Bathsheba
Monomyth Banda De La Muerte Sunder
Belzebong Progerians Deville

Sunday 10th October
Desert Stage Canyon Stage Vulture Stage
Goatsnake Fatso Jetson Child
Bongzilla Siena Root 3rd Ear Experience
Ufomammut Papir Maudlin
Valient Thorr Tangled Horns Fever Dog
Glowsun Crystal Head Black-Bone



Promotional artwork for Desertfest Belgium 2016

On 12th October 2015, Desertfest Belgium confirmed through their Facebook account that the festival will be returning in 2016.[7] The festival will take place from the 14th to 16th October 2016 and will once again be held at Trix, Antwerp.[7][16]

On May 17, 2016, Desertfest Belgium announced their initial lineup though no headliners have been announced yet.[17] Eventually the full lineup would be announced and though Graveyard was intended to be a headliner, they would disband some time before the festival (Though reforming only a few months later and headline the next year)

Friday 14 October
Desert Stage Canyon Stage Vulture Stage
Red Fang Black Cobra Joy
Yob Coogan's Bluff Black Rainbows
Torche Your Highness SubRosa
Alkerdeel Black Wizard


Saturday 15 October
Desert Stage Canyon Stage Vulture Stage
Pentagram Monkey3 Electric Citizen
Weedeater Ahab Salem's Pot
Colour Haze The Atomic Bitchwax Hangman's Chair
Elder Cough Arabrot
Purson 1000mods Giobia
Mother's Cake Wolvennest Black Mirrors


Sunday 16 October
Desert Stage Canyon Stage Vulture Stage
Goat Vodun Toxic Shock
Uncle Acid and the deadbeats Scorpion Child Castle
La Muerte Lonely Kamel Tau
My Sleeping Karma Duel Black Swarm
Moaning Cities Earth Ship Komatsu
Dorre Josefin Ohrn & The Liberation


On 27 March 2017, DesertFest Belgium would announce their dates for that year's edition[20] with a host of acts added through the months. Eventually by the summer the lineup would be complete, with the show held once again at Trix from 13 - 15 October. On 9 October it was announced that the 2017 edition of DesertFest Belgium had completely sold out.[21]

Friday 13 October
Desert Stage Canyon Stage Vulture Stage
Radio Moscow Steak Number Eight 16
Lowrider Gozu Black Lung
All Them Witches Minami Deutsch Grime
Caronte Kaleidobolt


Saturday 14 October
Desert Stage Canyon Stage Vulture Stage
Graveyard Dyse House of Broken Promises
Windhand Satan's Satyrs Ohhms
Unsane Beastmaker Troubled Horse
Stoned Jesus Church of The Cosmic Skull White Manna
The Vintage Caravan King Hiss Elephant Tree
Hidden Trails A Supernaut


Sunday 15 October
Desert Stage Canyon Stage Vulture Stage
Melvins Conan Mos Generator
Kadavar Spidergawd Spirit Valley
Saint Vitus Mantar Part Chimp
Church of Misery Dool Redd Kross
Monolord Hemelbestormer Partisan
High Fighter Big Fat Lukum


On 25 April, DesertFest Belgium announced they would be up for a 2018 edition in Antwerp, spanning from 12 - 14 October 2018.[24] Initial announced bands would be Wo Fat, Acid King, Yob and John Garcia. The second round of bands would be announced on 23 May 2018, featuring Elder, Sasquatch, Dopethrone, Eagle Twin and Black Moth.[25] The third set of bands would be announced on 30 May, including Crowbar, The Skull, Castle, Yuri Gagarin and Sofy Major. A fourth wave of bands would be announced on 5 July 2018, featuring the likes of Enslaved, Lucifer, Child, Blood of The Sun and Sonic Wolves.[26] Through the next few months the three headliners would eventually be announced, being Amenra, High on Fire and Orange Goblin. By 12 October, the first day of the festival, the 2018 edition of Desertfest Belgium would be completely sold out.[27]

12 October 2018
Desert Stage Canyon Stage Vulture Stage
Orange Goblin Wo Fat Blood of The Sun
Dead Meadow Sasquatch Lethvm
Lucifer Admiral Sir Cloudsley Shovell Frayle
Dead Quiet Goddog


13 October 2018
Desert Stage Canyon Stage Vulture Stage
High on Fire Dopethrone Villagers of Ioannina City
Yob Yuri Gagarin Messa
Enslaved Wiegedood Swedish Death Candy
Crowbar The Oscillation Sonic Wolves
Black Moth Wyatt E. Krakow
Earth Ship Domkraft


14 October 2018
Desert Stage Canyon Stage Vulture Stage
Amenra Whores. The Well
Elder Naxatras Jozef Van Wissem
Acid King The Skull Eagle Twin
My Sleeping Karma The Devil and The Almighty Blues Sofy Major
Ancestors Castle Heads
Child Timestone



The 2019 edition of Desertfest Belgium would be announced in spring of 2019, with the festival mostly selling out by the time of the date.

Notably prolific noise/sludge group Crowhurst were intended to play but canceled on the weekend of the festival.

18 October 2018
Desert Stage Canyon Stage Vulture Stage
Zeal & Ardor Sunnata Black Moon Circle
Truckfighters Yatra 30000 Monkies
Nebula Gore Temple Fang
Monomyth Swan Valley Heights


19 October 2018
Desert Stage Canyon Stage Vulture Stage
Ty Segall Inter Arma Your Highness
Pelican Dopelord Lo-Pan
Bongripper Steak Ruff Majik
Church of Misery Elephant Tree Grotto
Fireball Ministry Crayon Sun Rrrags
Admiral Sir Cloudsley Shovell Bismut


20 October 2018
Desert Stage Canyon Stage Vulture Stage
Sleep Black Pyramid Sixes
Eyehategod Toundra Un
Monkey3 Big Business High Reeper
Lord Dying Fire Down Below Crypt Trip
Wolvennest The Progerians Vonnis
Saver Lucy in Blue



The 2020 edition of Desertfest Belgium would be proposed for October 2020 but would be canceled circa May 2020 and re-scheduled for 2021 due to COVID-19.[34] On 25 June 2021 it would be announced that DesertFest Belgium would indeed return in October 2021, albeit with a twist. Along with the main festival at Trix in Antwerp from October 15 - 17, the festival would be hosted in Ghent for the first time, at Kunstencentrum Vooruit on 30 October 2021.[35] By 1 October 2021 the main festival would be totally sold out.[36]

On 13 October, King Buffalo would be announced as a surprise addition, along with being an European exclusive performance.[37][38]

15 October 2021
Desert Stage Canyon Stage Vulture Stage
Motorpsycho DJ Vernon Sullivan Daily Thompson
My Sleeping Karma Somali Yacht Club Bismut
Dool Cult of Occult Motorik
Manngold Detrvire
Fake Indians


16 October 2021
Desert Stage Canyon Stage Vulture Stage
Kadavar DJ Cosmic Masseur Peuk
Colour Haze The Great Machine Atomic Vulture
Villages of Ionanina City Sunnata Humulus
Conan Black Rainbows Temple Fang
Dopelord Maidavale Eleanora
Mohama Saz


17 October 2021
Desert Stage Canyon Stage Vulture Stage
1000mods DJ Moos Acid Mammoth
Monkey3 Speedozer Slomosa
Wolvennest The Machine 1782
Regarde Les Hommes Timber Hangman's Chair Splinter
Slift Alkerdeel Velvet Two Stripes
Diemen Sniep Kludde


30 October 2021
Desert Stage Canyon Stage Vulture Stage
Motorpsycho DJ Moos Fire Down Below
1000mods Electric Moon Lili Refrain
King Buffalo Fake Indians Beaten By Hippies
Stoned Jesus Nero Di Marte Frayle
Dool Golden Hours Ignatz
Delving Mooder

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