Desert Rider
Desert Rider rehearsaling
Background information
Origin Perugia, Italy
Genres Stoner metal
Years active 2012-present
Current members Mathias Traverso - Francesco Gallinella - Luca Paparelli - Davide Marrazzo
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Desert Rider is a stoner band from Perugia, Italy. Born in February 2012 thanks to an idea from Mathias Traverso (electric guitar) and Francesco Gallinella (bass guitar), within a few weeks the band is completed by Alessandro Rizzuto (vocals) and Manuel Bos (drums). With this line-up, the band began to work on original stuff. Between May and June of 2012, the quartet records his first work, a three tracks self-produced demo. While composing, the band starts his live activity , which was carried on from autumn 2012 to spring 2013 on various stages throughout center and northern Italy, allowing Desert Rider to receive the second prize in the contest " RockAge 2013", which was celebrated at the Urban Club, in Perugia.

In June 2013 the band changes its line-up : Federico Marcantoni is the new drummer, in place of Manuel. This goes with a new composing period in which songwriting, sound and musical references undergo a significant change of approach that produces a shift to a stoner/doom metal with some post-metal/post-rock influences. In February 2014, the band recorded the "Human Masquerade " single, composed in spring 2013, which precedes the release of the band's first full-lenght, Echoes of the big sand, recorded in May/June 2014 and released in February 2015, due to line-up problems: in fact another shift in the band happens in November 2014, when Alessandro Rizzuto decides to leave the band; plus, Federico Marcantoni and band's routs divide. In January 2015 Luca Paparelli (drums) and Davide Marrazzo (vocals) join the band. The band decide to begin working on new stuff in order to record a new release in 2016.


Studio albumsEdit

Echoes of the big sand (2015)


Human Masquerade (2014)


Desert Rider (2012)


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