Demolition Day
Demolition Day
Studio album by Nick Oliveri
Released November 22 2004
Recorded 2003 - 2004 at Studio 606
Genre Acoustic, Punk Rock, Stoner Rock
Length 47:25
Label Tornado Records
Producer Nick Oliveri, Mathias Schneeberger
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Debut Release
Demolition Day
Death Acoustic

Demolition Day is the first solo album by Nick Oliveri, released via Tornado Records in late 2004. It's notably an acoustic album with elements of stoner rock and punk rock.


Following his firing from Queens of the Stone Age, Nick Oliveri would not only make Mondo Generator and Dwarves his main musical projects but embark on a solo career, mainly playing acoustic shows live under his namesake. Oliveri would record an album's worth of material and release it strictly on LP in 2004 with info on the original LP being surprisingly scarce. However six of the tracks would be coupled with III The EP as a compilation album, limited to 1000 unnumbered copies. Notably the entirety of Demolition Day would be included as a bonus LP on the vinyl edition of Mondo Generator's 2006 album Dead Planet: SonicSlowMotionTrails.

Many of the songs are either re-recordings of old Mondo tunes or would later become Mondo tunes. "I Want You To Die" and "Simple Exploding Man" originally appeared on Cocaine Rodeo. "Four Corners", "Detroit" and "So High So Low" all originated on A Drug Problem That Never Existed while the last song was re-recorded as "So High" on Dead Planet: SonicSlowMotionTrails. "Paper Thin" also was re-recorded for Dead Planet. "Autopilot" is a cover of the Queens of the Stone Age song of the same name from Rated R. "Chiefs" is a cover of "Too Many Chiefs... Not Enough Indians" from the Brant Bjork solo album Jalamanta. Lastly "Wake Up Screaming" is a Subhumans cover.


  • A1. Intro (Oliveri)
  • A2. All I've Got (Oliveri)
  • A3. I Want You To Die (Oliveri)
  • A4. Demolition Day (Oliveri)
  • A5. Chiefs (Brant Bjork)
  • A6. Autopilot (Oliveri, Josh Homme)
  • A7. Simple Exploding Man (Oliveri)
  • A8. One More Time In Hell (Oliveri)
  • B1. Four Corners (Oliveri, Vierick)
  • B2. Tornadoes (Oliveri)
  • B3. So High So Low (Oliveri)
  • B4. Demolition Day (Reprise) (Oliveri)
  • B5. Wake Up Screaming (Subhumans)
  • B6. Detroit (Oliveri)
  • B7. Paper Thin (Oliveri)


  • Nick Oliveri - Bass, Acoustic Guitar (All), Lead Vocals (All), Drums (B6), Producer
  • Dave Catching - Lead Guitar, Lap Steel, EBow (A3, A6, B4, B6)
  • Brant Bjork - Lead Guitar (A5), Percussion (A6)
  • Molly McGuire - Backing Vocals (A3)
  • Gene Trautman - Percussion (A2, B1)
  • Mark Lanegan - Vocals (A6, B1)
  • Sarah Kramer - Horns (A2)
  • April Dion - Backing Vocals (B6)
  • Mathias Schneeberger - Piano (A6, B6), Recording, Mixing, Mastering

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