Delmar CD.jpg
Studio album by Natas
Released 1996
Recorded 1996 at Pichón Mobile Studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genre Stoner Rock
Length 49:37
Label Self-Released (1996)
Man's Ruin Records (1998)
Elektrohasch Schallplatten (2009)
South American Sludge (2016)
Argonauta Records (2018)
Producer Natas
Natas chronology
En Busca de la Especia
Alternative Cover
Delmar Cassette.jpg

Delmar is the debut album of the Argentina stoner rock band Los Natas, then known as Natas. Initially self-released as a cassette in 1996, the album would gain the attention of Man's Ruin Records, signing them and releasing it in 1998, thus exposing the band to a worldwide audience. It has since been cited as a seminal stoner rock album, reissued on several occasions through various labels. The band's sound on this album could easily be compared to the likes of Kyuss though the band's sound would become more psychedelic and progressive by their next album.

Background[edit | edit source]

Not long after the release of the band's first release, a demo known as En Busca de la Especia, Natas would begin work on a debut album and ultimately release it in 1996 as an eight-song release. Gaining the attention of Man's Ruin Records, Kozik's label would reissue the album with two extra songs on 10 July 1998 while the band would tour the United States for the first time.[1] The album would see a reissue in 2000 as the band returned to the states.

The first reissues that Delmar would see would be through German label Elektrohasch Schallplatten, who issued the first vinyl edition of Delmar. Remastered at El Attic Studios in Argentina, this reissue would be limited to 910 copies (650 black, 260 Translucent Orange). South American Sludge would do their own CD reissue in 2016 while Argonauta Records would reissue the album in 2018 on Digipak CD and Orange Smoke Black Vinyl.[2]


Los Natas - Delmar - (1998) FULL ALBUM

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

NOTE: Tracks 9 and 10 do not appear on the original cassette version.

  • 1. Samurai (5:08)
  • 2. 1980 (2:39)
  • 3. Trilogia (5:41)
  • 4. I Love You (5:31)
  • 5. Soma (6:47)
  • 6. Muxcortoi (2:58)
  • 7. Delmar (4:01)
  • 8. Windblows (5:04)
  • 9. El Negro (5:37)
  • 10. Alberto Migre (6:11)

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