Death Thy Lover
Death Thy Lover
Extended play by Candlemass
Released June 3 2016
Recorded 2017 at Ghost Ward Studio (Main Recording) in Stockholm, Sweden
Genre Doom Metal, Epic Doom Metal
Length 25:28
Producer David Castillo
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Death Thy Lover
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Death Thy Lover is an EP by the Swedish Epic Doom Metal band Candlemass. Along with being the first official release to feature singer Mats Levén, Death Thy Lover was released to coincide with the band's thirtieth anniversary.


On 1 March 2016 it would be announced by Napalm Records and Candlemass that Death Thy Lover would see a June release to coincide with the band's thirtieth anniversary.[1] On 22 April 2016 a lyric video would be released for the title track via Napalm Records' YouTube channel. Along with a limited CD in a four-panel digipak, the EP would see a vinyl release on Black Vinyl (Unknown Limited Amount), Gold Vinyl (Limited 200 Copies, Mailorder Exclusive), Lilac Vinyl (Unknown Limited Amount) and Red Vinyl (Limited 300 Copies, Mailorder Exclusive).

Death Thy Lover managed to attain widespread critical praise by several metal publications. Blabbermouth (Awarding the EP a 9/10) would describe Death Thy Lover as "one of their absolute best, offering fans resounding hope a new LP will follow. Robert Lowe was a commanding presence in this band, but Mats Levén's poise and knowledge of how this band operates stands to usher it into a new era of greatness.".[2] MetalSucks would also praise the EP with a 3.5/5 rating, describing it as "something that would have sounded right at home in 1986". The publication also praised "Sleeping Giant" for it's "sinister nursery rhyme feel".[3] Sputnik Music would award a 4/5 score and praise the variety of sounds throughout the EP[4] while Metal-Observer also awarded a 9/10 score.[5] Cryptic Rock would praise Death Thy Lover with a perfect 5/5 rating, praising the performance of Leven and all four songs.[6]

Other notable reviews of Death Thy Lover published would include Distorted Sound Mag (7/10),[7] My Global Mind (7/10),[8] Metal Invader (3/6),[9] Metal Temple (35/40),[10] BraveWords (8/10),[11] New Noise Magazine (4/5 Stars),[12] The Midlands Rocks (8/10)[13] and Sonic Abuse (Positive Review).[14]

CANDLEMASS - Death Thy Lover (Official Lyric Video) Napalm Records

CANDLEMASS - Death Thy Lover (Official Lyric Video) Napalm Records


All songs written by Leif Edling.

  • 1. Death Thy Lover (6:50)
  • 2. Sleeping Giant (5:30)
  • 3. Sinister and Sweet (6:34)
  • 4. The Goose (6:34)


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