Death Is Glory... Now
Death Is Glory Now
Compilation album by Reverend Bizarre
Released February 11 2009
Genre(s) Doom metal
Length 104:43
Label Spikefarm Records
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Mr Velcro Fastener / Reverend Bizarre
Death Is Glory... Now
Magick with Tears
Death Is Glory... Now is a compilation album by Finnish doom metal band Reverend Bizarre, released as a double CD on February 11, 2009.

The first disc contains songs only released on split albums, while the second disc contains covers released by the band over the years. All of these became very hard to find. Although "From the Void II" is not a cover, it was likely put on disc 2 due to insufficient space on disc 1.

Similarly, disc 2 omits Reverend Bizarre's Barathrum and Burzum covers. However, these are available on the widely circulated Return to the Rectory and Harbinger of Metal EPs, respectively, and hence are not difficult to find.

The title of the album is lifted from the Rozz Williams phrase "Some said I was wrong to dream that way. And some made light of death and sorrow. But death is glory... now" and it is dedicated to the memory of Pekka Pohjola (1952 – 2008).

The artwork of the album is the painting Cor de monges by Ramon Casas, 1902.

Track listing Edit

Disc 1
No. Title Length
1. "Demons Annoying Me" (Unabridged version, separate from the version that appears on the Orodruin split) 17:50
2. "Blood on Satan's Claw" (from the Ritual Steel split) 8:31
3. "Apocalyptic Riders" (from the Minotauri split) 7:35
4. "The Tree of Suffering" (from the Thulsa Doom EP) 6:23
5. "The Children of Doom" (from the Thulsa Doom EP) 8:28
6. "Odinn's Men" (from the Knock 'em Down to Size compilation) 2:39
Total length:
Disc 2
No. Title Length
1. "From the Void II" (from the Rättö ja Lehtisalo split) 11:04
2. "Dark World" (Saint Vitus cover; from the Dark World / Deceiver EP) 6:40
3. "Broken Vows" (Pentagram cover; from the Under the Sign of the Wolf Mannhai split) 4:44
4. "Bend" (Mr Velcro Fastener cover; from the Mr Velcro Fastener split) 10:30
5. "Rotestilaulu" (Simo Salminen cover; from the Kuolema split) 4:30
6. "Deceiver" (Judas Priest cover; from the Dark World / Deceiver EP) 3:52
7. "The Gate of Nanna" (Beherit cover; from the Electric Wizard split) 11:27
Total length:

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