Death By Carrot
Death By Carrot
The Carrots!
Background information
Origin Brisbane, Australia
Genres Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Years active 15 October 2015 - Present
Website Death By Carrot Loves You

Death By Carrot are a stoner rock/psychedelic band from Brisbane, Australia. Active since 2015 with a host of different releases, they are distinctive for their carrot-based aesthetic in the band's artwork by Manny Hernaez and the tongue-in-cheek billing of their music as "Root Vegetable".

The name could be based on a humorous kill in the 2007 action film Shoot Em' Up.


Death By Carrot formed on 15 October 2015 as a quintet composing stoner riffs descended from the Black Sabbath meets Pink Floyd branch of the Rock n Roll tree. Upon their formation the band released four singles on the Bandcamp page over the next four days, with a fifth single following that December.

The band would begin performing around Australia, eventually performing more frequently throughout 2017 in the summer leading up to the band's eponymous debut album sold only at shows (But also available for free listen via YouTube). The band also followed up with a live album (RAW) and a collaborative single with Bones from TENTHOUSANDTAIPANS (Wreck Yourself) that December.

The band's latest release (... R I D E !) was released on 9 January 2018, featuring a cover of "The Man Who Sold The World" by David Bowie and released in between the iconic musicians birth and death day. The band would announce extensive touring through 2020 in Australia.


Death By Carrot - Full Stream

Death By Carrot - Full Stream

  • Death By Carrot Vol. V (Single) (2015)
  • Death By Carrot Vol. VI (Single) (2015)
  • Death By Carrot Vol. VII (Single) (2015)
  • Death By Carrot Vol. VIII (Single) (2015)
  • Death By Carrot Vol. XXIII (Single) (2015)
  • Death By Carrot (Studio Album) (20 June 2017)
  • RAW (Live Album) (2017)
  • Wreck Yourself (Collaborative Single) (2017)
  • ... R I D E ! (Single) (2018)


  • King Carrot - Vocals and Backflips
  • Yaya - Guitar
  • Cosmic Purple - Guitar and Subs
  • Zeno - Bass
  • White Satin - Drums

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