Death Acoustic
Death Acoustic
Studio album by Nick Oliveri
Released October 6 2009
Recorded 2009
Genre Acoustic, Punk Rock, Stoner Rock
Length 30:21
Label Impedance Records
Producer Nick Oliveri
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Demolition Day
Death Acoustic
Nick Oliveri vs. The Chuck Norris Experiment

Death Acoustic is the second solo record by Nick Oliveri and named for his solo touring endeavor known as Nick Oliveri's Death Acoustic. Released in 2009 via Australian label Impedance Records, this album is almost entirely a collection of covers featuring bands either Oliveri has been associated with or bands that Oliveri draws influences from. The sole original written for the album is "Invisible Like The Sky".

On January 15, 2010 the album was nominated for a High Times 2010 Doobie Award in the "Best Alternative Rock Artist" category. The winning nominees were awarded on March 21, 2010.[1]


  • 1. Start A Fight (Mauro Codeluppi) (2:22)
  • 2. Invisible Like The Sky (Nick Oliveri) (2:46)
  • 3. Dairy Queen (Blag Dahlia) (2:49)
  • 4. I'm Gonna Leave You (Oliveri, Josh Homme) (3:28)
  • 5. Love Has Passed Me By (Homme, Brant Bjork) (3:07)
  • 6. U Blow (Dickie Moist, Mickey Moist) (4:29)
  • 7. Hybrid Moments (Glenn Danzig) (2:08)
  • 8. Unless I Can Kill (Oliveri) (1:37)
  • 9. Follow Me (Dahlia) (2:07)
  • 10. Outlaw Scumfuc (GG Allin, Oliveri) (5:24)

Original PerformersEdit


  • Nick Oliveri - Acoustic Guitars, Vocals, Recording (1 - 9), Producer
  • Bradley Cook - Recording (10)
  • Chris Henry - Additional Guitar (10)
  • Rock O'Neil - Mastering
  • Carl Whitbread - Design, Layout

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  1. High Times via Wayback Machine
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