Dear Deceased
Cover for the band's 1992 demo.
Background information
Origin San Jose, California
Genres Stoner Metal
Years active 1990 - 1993?
Associated acts Operator Generator, High on Fire

Dear Deceased was a short-lived stoner metal band from San Jose, active only for a few years in the early 1990s. Members of the group went on to be involved with key stoner rock acts later on.


Dear Deceased formed in the early 1990s and cranked out insanely great live sets for a couple years before they dissolved. Luckily, they also recorded a demo with the ubiquitous Bart Thurber. Mitch, the bassist, went on to front Operator Generator, and George Rice (rhythm guitar) was the original bassist for High on Fire.


  • 1992 Demo (1992)


  • Mitchell French - Bass
  • George Rice - Guitar
  • Erik P. Kliever- Vocals
  • Ryan Landess- Lead Guitar
  • Chris Musgrave- Drums

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