Dark Passages Vol. II
Dark Passages II
Compilation album by various
Released 1996
Genre(s) Heavy Metal, Stoner Metal, Doom Metal, Traditional Doom, Psychedelic Rock, Rock and Roll
Length 75:23
Label Rise Above Records

Dark Passages Vol. II is the second curated compilation by Lee Dorrian and Rise Above Records. Released in 1996, this compilation features doom, stoner and sludge bands spanning from the 1980s to the present, five of the tracks exclusive to the compilation at the time and four of the bands signed to Rise Above at time of release. Unlike the previous Dark Passages, the second edition was only issued on CD and is long out-of-print.

Dark Passages Vol. II was the 12th release on Rise Above Records and in an intentional move to save the 13th catalog spot for RISE 13 - Magick Rock Vol. 1 in 1999 the next catalog number was skipped to 14 for the next release a few months later in Come My Fanatics... by Electric Wizard.


  • 1. Orange Goblin - Saruman's Wish (5:42)
  • 2. Paul Chain - Sand Glass (5:47)
  • 3. Eyehategod - Shop Lift (3:16)
  • 4. Acrimony - Earthchild Inferno (6:22)
  • 5. Pentagram - Sinister (4:32)
  • 6. Iron Man - Leaving Town (6:33)
  • 7. Mourn - Calm Before The Storm (6:07)
  • 8. Trouble - Victim Of The Insane (5:10)
  • 9. Solstice - Winter Moon Rapture (7:03)
  • 10. Electric Wizard - Return To The Son Of Nothingness (6:39)
  • 11. Down - Bury Me In Smoke (5:56)
  • 12. Cathedral - Schizoid Puppeteer (12:16)

Track InfoEdit

  • Orange Goblin - Alternate version of Saruman's Wish that later appeared on Frequencies From Planet Ten. This version would also appear on the Rise Above reissue.
  • Paul Chain - Originally appeared on the album Alkahest (1995, Godhead)
  • Eyehategod - Originally appeared on the album Take As Needed For Pain (1993, Century Media)
  • Acrimony - Exclusive to the compilation. Would later appear on the 2007 compilation Bong On - Live Long!.
  • Pentagram - Originally appeared on Relentless (1984, Pentagram Records)
  • Iron Man - Originally appeared on Black Night (1993, Hellhound Records)
  • Mourn - Exclusive to the compilation. Would later appear on the 2LP reissue of Mourn's self-titled album.
  • Trouble - Originally appeared on Psalm 9 (1984, Metal Blade)
  • Solstice - Originally appeared on Lamentations (1994, Candlelight)
  • Electric Wizard - Alternate version of "Son Of Nothing" from Come My Fanatics... (1997, Rise Above). Would later be included in the 2006 reissue of that same album.
  • Down - Originally appeared on NOLA (1995, Elektra)
  • Cathedral - Exclusive to this compilation. Would later be included on the 2004 compilation The Serpent's Gold.

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