Dark Passages
Dark Passages
Compilation album by various
Released 1991
Genre(s) Doom Metal, Death/Doom, Traditional Doom, Epic Doom Metal
Length 47:33 (LP/Cass)
62:07 (CD)
Label Rise Above Records

Dark Passages is the first compilation curated by Lee Dorrian and Rise Above Records, released in 1991. It is the first release on the label to feature doom metal and the fifth overall release on the label.


When Rise Above Records began in 1989 the label focused mainly on grindcore and hardcore punk, with releases by Napalm Death (Dorrian's previous band), S.O.B. (A Japanese grindcore band) and Long Cold Stare (A UK-based hardcore punk band). Around the same time of the label's formation, Dorrian had formed Cathedral with Gaz Jennings over a love for doom metal. Dorrian, tiring of punk and grind, opted for a slower sound with Dark Passages being a key turning point for the label. While unknown as to who was signed to the label in 1991, Rise Above did release Revelation's debut album Salvation's Answer that same year, with Penance's The Road Less Travelled the following year and Cathedral's In Memorium in 1994.

The compilation was released on vinyl, CD (with two bonus tracks) and cassette. A test press of the vinyl also featured promotional material on S.O.B. and Revelation. Dark Passages is long out-of-print as is it's sequel compilation Dark Passages Vol. II.


NOTE: Tracks 9 and 10 only appear on the CD version.

Song InformationEdit

  • Cathedral - Both tracks appear on In Memorium demo (Later released in 1994 on Rise Above).
  • Saint Vitus - I Bleed Black originates from V (1990, Hellhound Records).
  • Stillborn - Both tracks appear on The Permanent Solution (1990, Roadracer).
  • Penance - Both tracks originate from the Living Truth demo.
  • Count Raven - From the band's 1989 four-track demo.
  • Revelation - From the band's 1989 demo The Illusion Of Progress.
  • Solitude Aeturnus - From the 1991 album Into The Depths Of Sorrow (1991, Roadracer).

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