Dai Maō
Dai Maō with his 7-string guitar in February 2020.
Background information
Birth Name Jérémy De Carufel
Alias 大真央
Born October 9, 1999
Occupation Musician, artist, student
Genres Heavy metal, doom metal, sludge metal, stoner rock, dark ambient, drone
Instrument(s) Drums, guitar, bass, vocals, synthesizer
Years active 2016–present
Labels independent
Associated acts Soulers

Jérémy De Carufel (born October 9, 1999), better known by his pseudonym Dai Maō (大真央; "the great devil") is a Canadian musician known for being the founder and driving force of the solo project Soulers, in which he performs all instruments and serves as the lyricist. In September 2019, he announced that he is currently working on a goregrind project.

Since his childhood, De Carufel has been living in Saint-Paulin, a municipality in Quebec, Canada located in the regional county municipality of Maskinongé and the administrative region of Mauricie.

He is mostly self-taught and can create any riffs without writing the riff, making him a very talented musician. He is also very fluent in English and learned it at a very young age.

In addition to Soulers, he has also formed the short-lived goregrind project Fermented Newborn, under the pseudonym The Organ Taker. He currently plans to release solo albums under his name, which unlike Soulers will be oriented towards ambient music.

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