Cybernetic Witch Cult
Cybernetic Witch Cult
Artwork for the bands debut release, Morlock Rock
Background information
Origin Cornwall, England
Genres Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Years active 2014-present
Labels Groove Lizzard Time Wizzard
Website Official Website
Current members Alex Wyld
Kale Deane
Rogan Collins
Past members Alex Shipley
Liam Stocks
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Cybernetic Witch Cult Logo

Cybernetic Witch Cult are a stoner rock band with doom,psychedelic and space rock leanings formed in Cornwall, England in 2014 by Alex Wyld (guitar) and Kale Deane (bass). The band incorporate science fiction, horror and occult themes with story-telling lyrics and tuned-down guitars. Heavily influenced by English pioneers, such as Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin and the more modern octave-drenched blues bands, Rival Sons, Bite the Buffalo & The White Stripes.


Cybernetic Witch Cult were formed in Cornwall in 2014 by guitarist and lyricist Alex Wyld and bassist Kale Deane after the duo's previous project, black metal band 'Morgawr', disbanded.[1] The pair recruited drummer Alex Shipley[1] and as a trio started writing Cathedral inspired doom metal which gradually evolved into a sound more routed in groove infused stoner rock. This founding trio played their first gig on May 3rd 2014 at Rugby Club, Falmouth, Cornwall[2]. The band played a further three shows before Shipley left the band to be replaced on drums by Liam Stocks in early 2015.[1]

Astrogalactic Sprites - Cybernetic Witch Cult

Astrogalactic Sprites - Cybernetic Witch Cult

After the lineup change, the band wrote and recorded their debut album, Morlock Rock, at J&J studios and Troubador studios.[1] The album was released on July 17th 2015 by the bands own independent label Groove Lizzard Time Wizzard.[1][3] To promote the album the band developed a more visual stage show with the use of props and video backdrops incorporating sci-fi and horror imagery. Throughout 2015, the band found themselves on bills with bands such as Wight, Skraeckoedlan, Morass of Molasses, Greenhorn, and Diesel King. Cybernetic Witch Cult were also featured in a CD included in Classic Rock magazine issue 214 as part of an underground Psychedelic feature.[4]

In late 2015, Stocks left the band and was replaced on drums by Rogan Collins.[5] The band recorded their second album Spaceous Cretaceous and are releasing it on May 28th 2016.


Studio Albums Edit

  • Morlock Rock (2015)
  • Spaceous Cretaceous (2016)
  • Troglodithic Trip (2017)
  • Absurdum ad Nauseam (2019)


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Former Members Edit


Together these three musicians are a force to be reckoned with and in "Morlock Rock" have produced an album that although blatantly "retro" in flavour has enough of "today" in its grooves to placate any of those naysayers.
— Frazer Jones, Desert Psychlist[6]
Morlock Rock should be in anyone's collection because of its sheer beauty
— Rhys Stevenson, Global Metal Apocalypse[7]

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Current Members Alex WyldKale DeaneRogan Collins
Past Members Alex ShipleyLiam Stocks
Studio Albums Morlock Rock
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