Cropped Out
Cropped Out 2012
Background information
Genre(s) Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock, Experimental, Punk Rock, Post-Punk, Folk, Country
Date(s) September (Typically)
Location Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Venue(s) American Turner's (Main Festival)
Years active 2010 - 2014, 2016 - 2018
Promoter(s) Cropped Out
Website Cropped Out Official

Cropped Out is an annual multi-venue music festival held in Louisville, Kentucky, co-founded in 2010 by Ryan Davis and James Ardery. According to the festival's website, "Cropped Out aims to celebrate a select fistful of contemporary musicians, artists, and artisans whom we feel reflect a greater undercurrent of sonic, visual, and conceptual exploration. It is our intention to turn heads toward the talents of those often omitted, overlooked, or cropped out of 'the big picture'. These are the minds most interesting to us, the minds most capable of emerging from and quickly returning to their lightlessness, if only to be briefly met by a niche appreciation...The fest is designed to highlight the creative efforts of Louisville natives, friends, family, and fellow thinkers from Nashville to Chicago to Brooklyn and beyond."[1] The festival stays true to this ethos, presenting independent bands and a general DIY scene in an intimate, affordable setting. The primary genres featured in the festival are Indie rock and post-punk, but expands into other genres such as folk, avant-garde, free jazz, hardcore punk, noise rock and even hip-hop and alternative country. Cropped Out has close ties with Drag City Records, Thrill Jockey Records and Sophomore Lounge among other independent labels.

To date the festival has hosted eight editions, with seven of them hosted at American Turner's, a veterans hall right by the Ohio River and utilizing the space for multiple small stages.[2] Since 2012 the venue would host the main festival at American Turners, along with opening and closing parties at different local bars and venues. Since 2013, on-site camping has been available to ticket holders for a camping fee.[3] Since 2016, Cropped Out has partnered with Against the Grain Brewery in Louisville to produce Hopped Out, the official beer of Cropped Out. Notably, on the emphasis of local artists, Cropped Out has hosted rare performances by Louisville bands and musicians such as Papa M, The Endtables, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (performing Superwolf with Matt Sweeney), The Belgian Waffles! and more. Along with the festival several touring shows would take place in Louisville promoted by Cropped Out.

Cropped Out I (2010)Edit

The inaugural Cropped Out Music Festival would be hosted on 1 - 3 October 2010. The first night would be hosted at local restaurant KingFish while the remaining two days would be held at American Turner's. During the first year, the festival was staffed primarily by the two organizers and their parents, along with a group of close friends.[4]

1 October: KingFishEdit

Moon Duo
The Phantom Family Halo
Record Release Show
Julianna Barwick

2 October: American TurnersEdit

Indoor Stage Outdoor Stage
Pissed Jeans Ga'an
Young Widows CACAW
CAVE PC Worship
Parlour MEAH!
Straight A's Natural Geographic
Wishgift Life Partner
Prideswallower Geffika
Slow Horse DAD
Rabble Rabble Nzambi
The Highlife Learner Dancer
Alex Barnett

3 October: American TurnersEdit

Indoor Stage Outdoor Stage
Magik Markers Sic Alps
Jeff The Brotherhood King Kong
Golden Boys Spider Bags
Flight Catherine Irwin
Rude Weirdo State Champion
Warmer Milks Giving Up
Idiot Glee PUJOL
Animal City Tinsel Teeth
Heavy Cream Spectre Folk
Sean Walsh & The National Reserve Gangly Youth
Brett Sova Reading Group

Cropped Out II (2011)Edit

The second edition of Cropped Out would be hosted from 11 November to 13 November 2011 at The Crummy Den, a thrift store/flea market in the future NuLu area of Louisville. It would notably be the only edition hosted at this space, utilizing outdoor and indoor spaces to concoct the multiple stages.[5] Notably the third night, featuring headliner Scratch Acid on a North American reunion tour, would have their set cut short due to noise complaints on the final night of the festival, the Louisville Police Department stopping the show and preventing a six-song encore.

11 November 2011: The Crummy DenEdit

Stage One Stage Two
Sun Araw MV & EE
Shit & Shine Mount Carmel
Dope Body Natives
Christmas Bride Anwar Sadat
Alcohol Party Cough Cool
Shedding Axel Cooper
Learner Dancer Savages

12 November 2011: The Crummy DenEdit

Stage One Stage Two Stage Three
Sapat Black God Angel Olsen
Last Year's Men John Wesley Coleman III Natural Child
Bill Orcutt Angels in America Jovontaes
Pygmy Shrews Fat History Month Circuit des Yeux
The Men The Dreebs
Mayor Daley Guardian Alien
Chat Logs Cross
Tropical Trash Arcane Rifles
Arcane Daughters

13 November 2011: The Crummy DenEdit

Main Stage
Scratch Acid
Young Widows

Cropped Out III (2012)Edit

The 2012 edition of Cropped Out Music Festival would be hosted on 28 and 29 September 2012, returning to American Turner's and utilizing four named stages: Phreedom Hall (The outdoor stage), Turner's Tavern (The second floor tavern hall), Scully Alley (An alley between the two stages re-purposed into a small, intimate stage) and The Spooky Beach (A dock right by the Ohio River.). Along with the four stages would be food trucks, oddities, a basketball court and random TVs laying on the ground displaying distorted surreal footage.[6][7]

In regards to Jandek's performance it featured Jandek played guitar, harmonica and sang, Catherine Irwin (Freakwater) played bass, Dane Waters (Sapat, Softcheque) sang and played synth, Chris Wunderlich played Moog and iPad and Jordan Richardson (Tropical Trash) played drums. The performance was recorded but has not been released.

The Sunday closing ceremony would be priced separately and would be hosted at The Workhouse Ballroom, a small cave near the Highlands area of Louisville (And notable venue Headliners Music Hall) on 30 September, featuring three bands.

Dahm Majuri Cipolla (The Phantom Family Halo, Watter, Mono) was intended to play at the festival but would cancel due to illness. He was replaced by Virginia grindcore band Suppression.

28 September 2012: American TurnersEdit

Phreedom Hall Scully Alley Turner's Tavern
Suppression Eugene Chadbourne Chain and The Gang
Slug Guts Lantern TV Ghost
Street Gnar Buck Gooter Twin Sister Radio
Jandek Gangly Youth The Sediment Club
Ritchie White Orchestra Disco Doom Microwaves
She Might Bite

29 September 2012: American TurnersEdit

Phreedom Hall Scully Alley Turner's Tavern
Lil B The BasedGod Neil Hamburger R. Stevie Moore
Merchandise Guerilla Toss David Liebe Hart
Ashcan Orchestra
Spooky Beach Performance
New Mother Nature Shaved Women
PC Worship White Walls Cool Memories
Raw Thug Globsters Michael Zerang & Darin Gray
Black Kaspar Kark Cave Bears
Wet Binary Marketing Show

30 September 2012: The Workhouse BallroomEdit

The Workhouse Ballroom
Papa M
Wooden Wand
Jozef Van Wissim

Cropped Out IV (2013)Edit

The 2013 edition of Cropped Out Festival would be hosted from 27 September 2013 to 29 September 2013, the only edition to date to be held entirely at American Turner's. The kick-off event happens at the Dreamland Film Center on September 27 and will feature the debut of two films by Hisham Mayet, of Seattle-based collective Sublime Frequencies. Originally the Sunday ceremony was to be hosted at the Workhouse Ballroom but would be moved to the Phreedom Hall stage when it was deemed unsafe to host any events there due to risk of collapse.

The festival would also notably opt for strictly local sponsors and vendors to keep the general local and DIY feel. One performer who was announced through the weekend was that of Tony Clifton, a former stage persona of one Andy Kaufman and portrayed by various people over the years as sort of an "anti-comedian". Clifton would have served as the "grand marshal" that year, introducing bands and interacting with attendees. However Clifton would cancel due to personal reasons.[8]

Notably the festival would feature Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Matt Sweeney perform the entirety of Superwolf and a one-time performance of The Endtables, one of Louisville's earliest punk rock bands in what would be their first Louisville performance in over thirty years.

27 September 2013: American TurnersEdit

Phreedom Hall Goosebump Galley Turner's Tavern
Endless Boogie Bill Orcutt & Chris Corsano Steve Gunn
The Endtables
Reunion Performance
Shit & Shine Hair Police
Juanita Blues Control Watery Love
Spray Paint Salad Influence Promised Land
Tweens Spelling Bee White Reaper

28 September 2013: American TurnersEdit

Phreedom Hall Goosebump Galley Turner's Tavern
Matt Sweeney & Bonnie Prince Billy
CAVE Human Eye
Wolf Eyes Borbetomagus Jaye Jayle
Mayo Thompson &
The Corky's Debt Band
Montag Thee Open Sex New England Patriots
Rinehart Running Tom Blacklung
Connections Quailbones Mote
Today's Hits Neighbor Asm A Tik

29 September 2013: American TurnersEdit

Phreedom Hall

Cropped Out V (2014)Edit

The fifth edition of Cropped Out Music Festival would be hosted circa 26 and 27 September 2014 at American Turner's, with a pre-show kickoff party on 25 September at Dreamland Film Center (Featuring Life Stinks, The Sal Show and Dream Eye Color Wheel). A closing party would be held at Fresh Start Grower Supply on 28 September 2014 featuring four bands.[9][10]

Notably the fifth edition of the festival would feature a marquee performance by The Sun Ra Arkestra, led by Louisville native Marshall Allen and a one-time reunion performance for Louisville experimental band The Belgian Waffles!.[11]

25 September 2014: Dreamland Film CenterEdit

Life Stinks
The Sal Show
Dream Eye Color Wheel

26 September 2014: American TurnersEdit

Phreedom Hall Scully Alley Turner's Tavern
The Belgian Waffles!
Reunion Set
Obnox Vaderbomb
Ma Turner Axis: Sova The Urinals
Three Legged Race Counter Intuits The Rebel
Ausmuteants Apache Dropout Spray Paint
Elsinores Flanger Magazine Total Abuse

27 September 2014: American TurnersEdit

Phreedom Hall Scully Alley Turner's Tavern
Shit & Shine Spider Bags Pile
Spooky Beach Stage
Sapat Yonatan Gat
The Sun Ra Arkestra Tiger Hatchery Anwar Sadat
Nathan Salsburg
Spooky Beach Stage
Public Housing Bodycocktail
Dan'l Boone Mail The Horse JPS
Michael Chapman Shutaro Noguchi
Animal City
Little Gold

28 September 2014: Fresh Start Grower SupplyEdit

Fresh Start Grower Supply
White Reaper
Tropical Trash

Cropped Out VI (2016)Edit

The 2016 edition of Cropped Out took place on 23 & 24 September 2016 at American Turners after a year-long hiatus, due largely to both Tropical Trash and State Champion (two bands that are composed mainly of the festival's organizers and staff) going on tours around the same time that year. The kick-off party took place at Nachbar in Louisville on 22 September and the closing party took place at Kaiju on 25 September.[12][13]

22 September 2016: NachbarEdit


23 September 2016: American TurnersEdit

Phreedom Hall Scully Alley Turner's Tavern
Dead C John Bellows Bitchin' Bajas & Bonnie Prince Billy
Fred and Toody Cole
Spooky Beach Stage
Joe McPhee and Susan Alcorn Quilt Boy
Cherry Blossoms Giving Up Beat Awfuls
Shawn D. McMillen Paper Claw Pleasure Boys
Joan Shelley
Spooky Beach Stage
Long Thanh Nguyen
Aaron Rosenblum
Spooky Beach Stage
Cereal Glyphs
Dry Summers

24 September 2016: American TurnersEdit

Phreedom Hall Scully Alley Turner's Tavern
Pissed Jeans Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments
Reunion Set
Spray Paint
Kool Keith Home Blitz Lumpy and The Dumpers
Bill Callahan
Spooky Beach Stage
Brett Naucke Black Panties
Power Bugg Louie Louie
Spooky Beach Stage
Laffing Gas Hidden Ritual
Creeping Pink Insect Policy Ancient Filth
Opposite Sex Vern Felchers

25 September 2016: KaijuEdit

Thee Open Sex
Hearts and Minds
Spray Paint
Tropical Trash

Cropped Out VII (2017)Edit

The 2017 edition of Cropped Out would take place circa 22 and 23 September 2017 at American Turners. Post-punk legends The Fall would initially would be announced as a headlining act with their Cropped Out performance set to be their first United States show in over a decade. However the band would be forced to cancel due to bandleader Mike E. Smith's declining health (and eventual passing from cancer on 24 January 2018.).[14]

21 September 2017: NachbarEdit

King Cheetah
Fever Hands
Shawnthony Calypso

22 September 2017: American TurnersEdit

Turner's Tavern Scully Alley Phreedom Hall Spooky Beach
Pile Axis: Sova Royal Trux Neil Hamburger
Tommy Jay The Cowboys Circle X Crazy Doberman
The Stranger 75 Dollar Bills Dan Melchoir John Bender
Limes Lung Wombo
Heavy Lines Bathroom Laws Exacta Cube

23 September 2017: American TurnersEdit

Turner's Tavern Scully Alley Phreedom Hall Spooky Beach
Magik Markers Attic Talent Bonnie Prince Billy & The B.U.M.s Peter Brotzmann
feedtime Billington/Shippy/Wyche Shit & Shine Frank Hurricane
Tyler Damon & Tashi Dorji Sarah Squirm Sadat X Tara Jane O'Neil
Tyvek Fried Egg David Nance Le Fruit Vert
Rays Deep State Matt Jencik The Other Years
Shutaro Noguchi

24 September 2017: KaijuEdit

Jaye Jayle
Mike Donovan
PC Worship
Natural Man
Axel Cooper

Cropped Out VIII (2018)Edit

The 2018 edition of Cropped Out would be hosted on 5 & 6 October 2018 at American Turners, the first time since the inaugural edition that the festival would be hosted in October. In keeping tradition with the previous two years the festival would host a kick-off party at Nachbar on 4 October 2018 and a closing party at Kaiju on 7 October 2018.

The festival's status after the 2018 edition is uncertain as there would be no Cropped Out in 2019 (due to reasons unknown) and 2020 (due to the CO-VID19 Pandemic).

4 October 2018: NachbarEdit


5 October 2018: American TurnersEdit

Turner's Tavern Scully Alley Phreedom Hall Spooky Beach
Spider Bags Major Stars Trad, Gras Och Stenar Michael Hurley
Circuit Des Yeux Bill Direen Simon Joyner Bill Mackay & Michael Bowles
Drunks With Guns The Sal Show Exek Charalambides
Taiwan Housing Project Honey Leggy
Iron Bars Exit III
Night Vapor

6 October 2018: American TurnersEdit

Turner's Tavern Scully Alley Phreedom Hall Spooky Beach
Tommy Wright III Jana Rush Endless Boogie Anthony Braxton & Jacqueline Kerrod
Half Japanese Thee Open Sex Shabazz Palaces Graham Lambkin & Bill Nace
The Web
Reunion Performance
The World Quin Kirchner Catherine Irwin
Sex Tide The Possum Cherry Death Footings
Protruders Lie Kal Marks
The Winger Brothers Sadie Equipment Pointed Ankh

7 October 2018: KaijuEdit

Russ Waterhouse
Mr. BG
Flanger Magazine

External LinksEdit


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