Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace.jpg
Artwork by Frank Kozik.
Studio album by Orange Goblin
Released June 25 2002
Recorded 8 October - 28 October at New Rising Studios in Peldon, Essex
Genre Stoner Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Punk Rock
Length 51:14
Label Rise Above Records
Producer Scott Reeder
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Coup de Grace
Thieving From The House of God

Coup de Grace is the fourth studio album by the London, England rock band Orange Goblin. This album's sound shows signs of Orange Goblin drifting away from the stoner rock label they had attained, shifting to a mix of punk rock, classic rock and heavy metal. Along with Scott Reeder (Across The River, The Obsessed, Kyuss, etc.) as producer the album features John Garcia and Tom Davies as guest vocalists. It would be released in June 2002 via Rise Above Records and The Music Cartel.

Background[edit | edit source]

Following extensive touring in support of The Big Black, Orange Goblin would change things up in regards to the fourth studio album. The band felt the "stoner rock" tag had gotten stale to them and opted to change up their sound while also noting nobody in the band smoked weed at the time.[1] The band would rent New Rising Studios in Essex to get away from London and most of it's distractions though the recording sessions. Scott Reeder was brought in to produce and engineer the album as the band and Reeder developed a friendship from touring with Unida. According to the liner notes for the re-issue the band had all of the songs written by the time of recording, though several lyrics were written last-minute. John Garcia would fly in and sing two songs on the album while hanging out for most of the recording sessions. Frank Kozik (Man's Ruin Records) would also provide artwork for the cover and the entire booklet.

Coup de Grace would also be notable as the last studio album to feature Pete O'Malley on second guitar. In the liner notes for the re-issue he cited the positive memories of recording the album though would state at the time he didn't realize he was leaving the band after recording the album. Citing himself as an "accidental guitarist" and had left the band in 2003, citing that he "felt like I'd done what I wanted to do and it was time to move on.".

In an interview with Worship Metal where bassist Martyn Millard would rank all of the Orange Goblin albums he would retroactively speak about Coup de Grace in the following:

"So, the next one would probably be Coup De Grace. When we wrote it we were really bored of the whole stoner rock thing and of being labelled stoner rock. We did use the term but we’d moved on and had more to our bow than playing stoner rock, none of us smoked so being called a stoner rock band and none of us were stoned was kind of weird, we were always drinking. I’m not sure, some of it worked. Scott Reeder (Kyuss, Obsessed) came in to do production and he had trouble with the desk, he wasn’t happy with it and you can tell. The production’s not great and that wasn’t Scott’s fault, that was our fault. We were absolutely paralytic every day, that’s the temptation of a residential studio, you’re not going anywhere and temptation sets in. John Garcia (Kyuss) flew into do “Made Of Rats” and “Jesus Beater”…..”Made Of Rats” worked, “Jesus Beater” I’m not so sure."
— Martyn Millard, Worship Metal[2]

Coup de Grace would be released on 25 June 2002 via Rise Above Records in Europe. Distribution in North America would be handled by The Music Cartel and in Japan by JVC Victor, both of which featured a bonus track in "Bad Blues". Three more songs had been recorded in the sessions for Coup de Grace including "No Law", (Appearing on the High Times Records' compilation High Volume - The Stoner Rock Collection.) "Freelance Fiend" (A Leaf Hound cover released on a 7" split with Alabama Thunderpussy.) and "No Class" (A Motörhead cover that prior to the re-issues had been unreleased.). In January 2011 Coup de Grace would be re-issued by Rise Above Records (Metal Blade in North America for the initial re-issues.) with three bonus tracks, a re-master and liner notes. In 2018 the album would be issued on vinyl for the first time ever, with the die-hard edition featuring the bonus tracks.

The album would attain positive reception at the time but attained retroactive praise from the likes of Heavy Planet,[3] Moshpits and Movies[4] and Doodlehound[5] to name a few.

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

All songs written by Orange Goblin except where noted.

Coup de Grace[edit | edit source]

  • 1. Your World Will Hate This (1:57)
  • 2. Monkey Panic (3:42)
  • 3. Rage of Angels (4:26)
  • 4. Made of Rats (5:36)
  • 5. Whiskey Leech (4:01)
  • 6. Getting High on The Bad Times (4:33)
  • 7. Graviton (4:11)
  • 8. Red Web (5:13)
  • 9. Born With Big Hands (4:25)
  • 10. Jesus Beater (4:30)
  • 11. We Bite (1:19) (Glenn Danzig)
  • 12. Stinkin' O' Gin (7:21)

Bonus Tracks[edit | edit source]

"Bad Blues" appears on the original American and Japanese editions.
Tracks 14 - 16 appear on the 2011 Rise Above Records re-issue.

  • 13. Bad Blues (2:27)
  • 13. No Law (3:46)
  • 14. No Class (2:47) (Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor)
  • 15. Freelance Fiend (3:37) (French, Halls)

Personnel[edit | edit source]


Orange Goblin - Coup De Grace (Full Album)

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References[edit | edit source]

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