Cosmic Lava
Cosmic Lava
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Background information
Web Address Cosmic Lava Official
Creator Matthias Peltzer, Klaus Kleinowski
Launch Date 1999
Current Status Defunct (1999 - 2016)

Cosmic Lava was a website run out of Germany, dedicated to reviews of concerts and albums in the doom, stoner, psychedelic and doom scenes. The site started in 1999 and was very active, notably documenting Saint Vitus' 2003 Reunion show in Germany and a lot of key appearances of doom bands making their first trips to Europe. The site would cease updates by January 2016 though both individuals involved with the site would remain active with the Vincebus Eruptum zine.


  • Interviews - The members of Cosmic Lava would interview someone in the scene, asking various questions about upcoming records, touring and such. Notably the site's first interview was with Penance while their last was with Dream Death in 2013.
  • Concert Reviews - Various reviews of attended shows between 1999 and 2013 though many of these reviews are just pictures from attended shows.
  • Record Reviews - Reviews of various stoner, doom, psych and sludge albums, known and unknown.
  • Japan's Heaviest - A side section from the website in a short insight in the past and present of Japanese Doom/Heavyrock. One section detailed past Japanese psych bands such as Flower Travelin' Band and Blues Creation while the modern section showcases modern acts in the Japanese heavy rock/doom scene.
  • Column - Various other columns detailing assorted musical topics of any genre.

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