Cornucopia Records
Cornucopia Records
Record label information
Founded 1995
Distributors Headspin Records
Genre(s) Doom Metal, Stoner Metal, Stoner Rock
Country of Origin Japan
Based in Nagoya, Japan
Website Cornucopia Records Official

Cornucopia Records is an independent label based out of Nagoya, Japan. Owned by Yukito Okazaki of Eternal Elysium, this label's purpose is to showcase underground bands in the Japanese stoner and doom scene.


Cornucopia began as Eternal Elysium's personal label in 1995 when they needed a publisher to release their debut album Faithful. Two years later the band would work with a host of groups in the Japanese doom and stoner circles to release the Doomsday Recitation compilation. It would take five years before the band released the third release in their discography: A split with the mysterious Japanese psych rock band Of The Spacistor.

The label would reboot in 2012 once Eternal Elysium's deal with DiwPhalanx had finished, also working with Dutch label Headspin Records for vinyl distrobution.





  • Eternal Elysium - Faithful (1996)
  • Various Artists - Doomsday Recitation (1998)
  • Eternal Elysium & Of The Spacistor - Split CD (2003)
  • Eternal Elysium - Highflyer (2012)
  • Vomit Monster - Dead Man's Trigger (2013)
  • Eternal Elysium - Resonance of Shadows (2016)
  • nibs - Toward The Glow (2017)
  • Vomit Monster & Wardhill - Split 10" (2017)

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