Background information
Origin Johannesburg, South Africa
Genres Sludge Metal, Doom Metal
Years active 2010 - ?
Labels Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions, Torn Flesh, Toilet Teeth
Associated acts Noxious Terrorstrike, Mad God
Website Corax Facebook

Corax are a sludge/doom band originating from Johannes, South Africa. Initially forming in 2010 as a duo before becoming a trio in 2014, Corax draw in elements from doom, sludge, crust and death/doom to create a grimy, nightmarish sound with all three members handling vocal duties.


Corax began in 2010 with Brent and Patrick, quickly composing an album amid a handful of shows and releasing an eponymous debut album on 15 November 2012. The band would play a handful of shows, eventually gaining a bassist named Burns in 2014, his first show with the band on 30 May.[1] In 2015 the band began to attain some notoriety in the South African heavy scene, closing out Temple of Doom Festival in 2015 and performing the local stage at Witchfest 2016.[2]

The band also opened for Magrudergrind that same year. Notably in 2017 the band shared the stage with Touched By Nausea in that band's last performance on 21 April 2017. While the band hinted at new material there has been no activity from their social medias since at least November 2017 it is possible the band is no longer active or on an extended hiatus.


  • Corax (Album) (2012, Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions)


  • Patrick - Guitar, Vocals (2010 - ?)
  • Brent - Drums, Vocals (2010 - ?)
  • Berns - Bass, Vocals (2014 - ?)

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  1. Corax Facebook
  2. Corax Facebook
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