Concrete Jams Festival
Concrete Jams
Promotional Flyer for the 2016 (Initial) edition of Concrete Jams Festival.
Background information
Genre(s) Stoner Rock, Psychedlic Rock
Date(s) January
Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Venue(s) UniClub
Years active 2016
Promoter(s) Originsprod, Rock City
Website Facebook Event

Concrete Jams Festival is a festival starting in 2016 presented by Originsprod and Rock City in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This festival mostly deals in Stoner Rock from the Argentina scene but has also procured bands from other countries like Dead Meadow and Radio Moscow[1]. The 2016 edition would prove to be the only one according to both promotional pages.



The initial edition of Concrete Jams Festival was held at the Uniclub in Buenos Aires, Argentina from January 11 to 12.

Monday, January 11 Tuesday, January 12
Dead Meadow Radio Moscow
POSEIDOTICA Elefante Guerrero Psiquico Ancestral
Concrete Jams Fest - Segundo Día - Viaje a Ixtlan-Elefante Guerrero Psíquico Ancestral

Concrete Jams Fest - Segundo Día - Viaje a Ixtlan-Elefante Guerrero Psíquico Ancestral

Radio Moscow - Concrete Jams Festival - 12.01

Radio Moscow - Concrete Jams Festival - 12.01.2016

Dead Meadow - Concrete Jams Festival - 11.01

Dead Meadow - Concrete Jams Festival - 11.01.2016

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