Background information
Origin Sydney, Australia
Genres Instrumental, Heavy Psych, Stoner Rock
Years active 2013-present
Labels Headspin Records, Riot Season Records, Psychedelic Salad Records
Website Facebook
Current members Rick Burke
Richard Elliott
Andrew Pana
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Comacozer Logo
Comacozer is a 3 piece band from Sydney, Australia that play a blend of instrumental heavy psych and stoner rock. The band formed in early 2013


Comacozer were formed in early 2013 in Sydney, Australia by Rick Burke (Guitar), Richard Elliott (Bass) and Andrew Pana (Drums).[1] Their first release came on 13th November 2014 in the form of the EP Sessions.[2] Sessions was recorded at the Soundworks Studios in Sydney during April 2014 and was mixed by Dav Byrne.[2]

In January 2015, they recorded a second EP at Frank St Studios, Sydney with Frank Attard as producer.[3] The EP was released in March of the same year, titled Deloun.[3] In June 2015, Comacozer signed to independent Dutch record Label, Headspin Records (Clear Spot International) to release Comacozer's first full length LP. The LP in question was a remastered compilation of their first two EPs, titled Deloun Sessions, which was released in July 2015.[4]

The band are expected to release their first studio album, tentatively titled Astra Planeta, in early 2016.[4]


Comacozer - Einherjar March

Comacozer - Einherjar March

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Current Members Rick BurkeRichard ElliottAndrew Pana
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Compilation Albums Deloun Sessions
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