Background information
Origin Riihimäki, Finland
Genres Funeral doom metal
Years active 2006–2010
Labels Firedoom Music
Associated acts Abstract Spirit
Shape of Despair
Comatose Vigil
Past members Janne Rämö
Sameli Köykkä
Olli Haaranen
Juhani Palomäki
Colosseum was a Finnish doom metal band from Riihimäki, Finland formed in 2006. Their 4-year career spanned 3 studio albums and one demo.

After the death of frontman Juhani Palomäki, who committed suicide on May 15, 2010, the surviving members decided to end the band.

Members Edit

Final line-up Edit

  • Olli Haaranen – guitar (2006–2010)
  • Juhani Palomäki – guitar, vocals (2006–2010; his death)
  • Janne Rämö – bass (2006–2010)
  • Sameli Köykkä – drums (2006–2010)

Discography Edit

Studio albums Edit

Demos Edit

  • Demo 2006 (2006)
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