Extended play by Electric Wizard
Released March 1997
Recorded at Active Studios in Parkstone, Dorset, England
Genre Doom Metal, Stoner Metal
Length 16:66 (CD)
17:46 (10")
Producer Rolf Startin, Jus Oborn, Paul Johnson
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Chrono.Naut is the first EP by Dorset doom metal band Electric Wizard, released as a 10" in March 1997 through Man's Ruin Records


Chrono.Naut was originally released on LP in March 1997 through Man's Ruin Records. It was then re-released on CD later that year as a split with Orange Goblin in January 1998. The re-release features different artwork and the two songs bridged together to a seemingly intentional length of 17:06. Both versions are long out-of-print and garner high value on the secondary market as the song hasn't been reissued in any capacity.

An early version of the song was recorded by Jus Oborn's band Eternal, and appears on their demo Lucifer's Children (1993). The demo appears in full on the compilation album Pre-Electric Wizard 1989-1994.


  • A. Chrono.Naut (6:47)
  • B. Chrono.Naut Phase II: Chaos Revealed (10:59)


Lyrics and Music by Electric Wizard.


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