Chornaya Top
Studio album by Il
Released December 25, 2014
Genre Sludge Metal, Doom Metal, Noise Rock
Length 64:14
Label Otvar
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Chornaya Top
Teni Drevnikh Kultov

Chornaya Top (Чёрная топь; "The Black Swamp") is the second studio album by the Russian band Il, released on December 25, 2014 via Otvar.

The sixth track from the album, "Smoly - Zabrodil..." is the second part of the "Smoly" series.

Release Edit

Chornaya Top is the band's first album to be released on CD format, and was limited to 50 copies. The band's eponymous debut album was only released on cassette format and digitally. The album was reissued on cassette format on January 7, 2015 and was limited to 30 copies.

Musical Style Edit

Unlike the band's eponymous album, Chornaya Top carries a sludge and doom metal sound that incorporates elements of noise rock rather than drone, marking a departure from this work and making it more accessible than before.

This is also the last album to feature a song longer than 10 minutes in length, until the 2019 EP Obraz Pustoty. The band's last two albums would feature more shorter songs.

Track listing Edit

No. Title Length
1. "V Tikhom Omute..." (В тихом омуте...; "In the Still Waters...") 2:41
2. "Doch Bolotnogo Tsarya" (Дочь болотного царя; "Daughter of the Swamp King") 7:50
3. "Tsvet iz Inykh Mirov" (Цвет из иных миров; "The Color Out of Space") 4:23
4. "Kholm" (Холм; "The Hill") 7:06
5. "Obryad" (Обряд; "Rite") 9:37
6. "Smoly - Zabrodil..." (Смолы - Забродил...; "Resins - Fermented...") 7:44
7. "Zvon" (Звон; "Ring") 10:27
8. "Skverna" (Скверна; "Filth") 14:26
Total length:

Personel Edit


  • Vladislav Stepanenko  - Guitar
  • Andrey Alexandrovich  - Guitar
  • Nikolay Timofeev - Bass
  • Sergey Vinogradov  - Drums

Other staff

  • Sergey Vinogradov - Artwork
  • Andrey Alexandrovich - Mixing

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