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Cave Dweller Music
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Background information
Web Address Cave Dweller Music Official
Launch Date June 2020
Current Status Active

Cave Dweller Music is a reviews site established in the Summer of 2020, with contributors based around the world. Utilizing a distinctive review style of an opening, straight-to-the-point statement on respective bands followed by a full review should one desire to read more, Cave Dweller Music would quickly grow into a page that is showcasing independent music around the world. Along with independent reviews, Cave Dweller Music has a podcast and is in development of their own beer.


Cave Dweller Music began in June 2020 when James and Matt decided to make a closed music group on Facebook to share music with their friends. Initially, it wasn't anything serious and was called Not Your Grandfathers Music Posting Group. Soon a page came to join it by the same name.

Over the coming months, the page exploded and it was decided that the name and brand had to change to something more serious and Cave Dweller Music was born. Growth didn't stop there and CDM had to bring Brendan on as an admin to keep up with how much content being received.

In the time since them the site has attained further growth, with several more contributors. Notably the site has grown to develop more projects, such as their own beer and an interview-based podcast series. CDM also has a working partnership with Hessian Firm.


  • Reviews - One of the core features of the site, featuring music reviews in punk, metal, industrial, noise, experimental and much more. Each review contains an introductory blurb followed by a full review below, along with links to the respective releases and more.
  • Podcasts & Interviews - A monthly feature of the site, CDM composes an hour-long show each month showcasing new and upcoming bands along with interviewing various artists in the music world.
  • Cave Dweller Music Group - A closed group where people can share and discuss music. We also share a lot more content in here regarding upcoming albums, new singles, band announcements etc. Mondays are notably themed, giving variety to the group.
  • Cave Dweller Music Marketplace - A public marketplace solely for bands, artists and labels to sell their music, merch and equipment.
  • Beer - The core creators of the website are in the works of composing their own microbrews.

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