The following is a list of all the infobox templates. These are what you use in order to put an infobox (the box in the top right of most articles) in your article. To do this, go to the page that corresponds to the type of article you are adding/editing and copy the text from the box marked "Usage". Paste that into your article in source edit mode at the top of the page and fill in as appropriate. To help you out I've added an example infobox at the bottom of each page with the completed template used to make it above in a box titled "Example". Remember to add the name of a valid image including extension type (.jpg, .png and so on). Only one infobox per article.

Remember:These are written in wiki code, so you should always add them to your article in source editor. If you add them in visual mode, the code will appear in the article rather than the desired end product of the code.

Additional Note:If you feel that a specific infobox needs another category or option added to it, or even if you wish for a new infobox to be made, please contact an admin. If we think it would be useful across numerous articles, we'll fix this up for you.

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