Catapult The Smoke
Catapult The Smoke
Live 2006.
Background information
Also known as CTS
Origin Mjölby, Östergötland, Sweden
Genres Stoner Rock, Stoner Metal
Years active 1998 - Present
Labels Orchestrated Misery Recordings
Associated acts Ocean Chief, Falconer, The Choir of Vengeance, Mesentery, Traumatic, Crab Phobia
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Catapult The Smoke are a stoner rock/metal band from Sweden. Active since 1998 the band has managed to release two albums with a third in the works.


Catapult The Smoke formed in 1998 as a "hobby project" by Linhardt and Larsson, with the band initially into a 70s groove sound. Eventually with the addition of Totte Martini after his departure from Traumatic the band evolved into a stoner rock sound, eventually getting signed by Orchestrated Misery to release Unearthed in 2009 and later Born In Fire in 2011. The band plays gigs only on occasion and mainly in their hometown.

In September of 2016 the band began work on a new album with ten songs recorded.[1] On 25 February the band released their first recording from the forthcoming album.[2] Ultimately Catapult the Smoke would release their third album Born Again on 10 December 2017.


  • Unearthed (2009, Orchestrated Misery)
  • Born In Fire (2011, Orchestrated Misery)
  • Born Again (2017, Self-Released)


  • Magnus Linhardt - Bass
  • Tobias Larsson - Drums, Vocals
  • Totte Martini - Guitar

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