Background information
Origin France
Genres Drone Doom, Lo-Fi, Funeral Doom Metal (early)
Years active 2015-Present
Labels Frozen Light
Associated acts Abysmal Growls of Despair, Ancient Lament, Arrant Saudade
Website Bandcamp page
Current members Hangsvart
Past members Margul Demonic
Catacombed is a French drone/doom metal project formed as a duo in 2015 by Abysmal Growls of Despair mastermind Hangsvart and the prolific Margul Demonic. Its music is a bass-heavy lo-fi style of drone doom. Its discography consists of 7 studio albums, 4 extended plays, one compilation and one live album.

Margul was only on the first EP of 2015. After its release, he left the band and Hangsvart continued the project alone.

Its Facebook account was deleted by the network due to graphic content and nudity.

Discography Edit

Studio Albums Edit




EPs Edit



Compilations Edit

Live Albums Edit

Members Edit

Current Member Edit

  • Hangsvart – All instruments (2015-Present)

Former Member Edit

  • Margul Demonic – Additional vocals (2015)
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