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Tour of
Spirit Caravan
Place of Skulls
Year 2002
Start date April 17
End date May 4
Shows 16
Region USA (East Coast and Midwest)
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Caravan of Skulls
Place of Skulls tour chronology
Caravan of Skulls

Caravan of Skulls was a tour by Spirit Caravan and Place of Skulls held in April and May of 2002. Notably it proved to be the last Place of Skulls tour to feature Lee Abney (Until his return in 2007.) and the final Spirit Caravan tour featuring the original lineup (Until their reunion in 2014 though Gary Isom would not participate in the reunion.)


On January 9, 2002 Place of Skulls announced on their website they would be doing a tour with Spirit Caravan in support of their album "Nailed".[1] The tour spanned sixteen dates throughout April and May that year with Spirit Caravan playing songs that were new at the time like "Brainwashed" and "Dove-Tongued Aggressor". A single leading up to the end of tour was also coming out entitled "So Mortal Be".

Pete Campbell had to fill in for Tim Tomaselli on the tour due to the latter's departure, citing personal issues and at one point nearly canceling Place of Skull's performances on the tour.[2] However, the tour would go as planned with only one date being canceled. Mere days after the tour ended Spirit Caravan would disband. Sometime after this would lead to Wino joining Place of Skulls to eventually record "With Vision" but no live dates of that lineup would follow, leading Wino to depart Place of Skulls to concentrate on The Hidden Hand.

The band also spoke of their tour nearly three weeks after it was finished:

“After having a couple of weeks to get our heads together from the Caravan Of Skulls Tour, I guess it's time for an update.

First of all we want to send out a special thanks to everyone who came to at least one of the shows. Some of the shows had good turn-outs and some left much to be desired... which just goes to show that this scene is still not as big as the internet would have you believe. The New Jersey show especially sucked with about 16 paying customers and then hitting a deer on the Garden State Pkwy on our way to NY. It all really makes you wonder what you're doing out there sometimes. Spirit Caravan played hard every night and it was good to spend some time with them. Wino and I sort of grew up together in this scene, sharing bills together as The Obsessed and Death Row beginning in 1981. Much respect goes out to him as a new father, a very gifted musician, and friend. Unfortunately, Spirit Caravan have called it a day. R.I.P. and best of luck with any and all future projects.

Frank "Wombat" Owen, thank you very much for another killer job as merch salesman and all around "great guy to have on tour"! We love ya bro!

Thanks to: Greg Anderson, Dave & Liz/Earsplit PR, Rise, everyone at Kings Barcade, Ted Lathangue at 9 Lives Saloon, Astral Tramp, Richard, Karrie Hill, Rwake, Brad, Diana, & Chris. Kevin McHugh, Darryl Baysinger, Greg Trout, Throttlerod, Don (thanks for the jacket), November's Doom, Bobbi and Double Door, Kevin & The PB Army, Ryan (a brother!), Michael Simons, Mathieu Deflem, Dave Wright, Under The Sun, Abdullah, Butch, Terry, Mary, & all the Penance guys (killer cd!), Joel at 31st St. Pub, Greg Turley for playing bass in Pittsburgh! (excellent job!). The Delian League, Thomas Pasquall, Eric & ATP, Mike Warholok, Glenn Hardy, Mark Stockman, Louis and Gus from Life Beyond, and to all the people that should have been mentioned but weren't due to short term memory loss, THANKS!

As for future PoS news, we're contemplating a short week long tour of the north eastern US in mid-summer, a west coast tour later in the year as well as a possible European tour. We're also scheduled in the studio for the follow-up to "Nailed" in August/Sept. We'll keep you updated.”

— Place of Skulls, May 29, 2002 Update [3]
Place of Skulls pro full set 4.23.2002 St

Place of Skulls pro full set 4.23.2002 St. Louis (ex-Pentagram)-0

Spirit Caravan 4 23 02 St

Spirit Caravan 4 23 02 St. Louis (Lepers TV)-0

Throttle Rod live 4.23.2002 Creepy Crawl (St

Throttle Rod live 4.23.2002 Creepy Crawl (St. Louis)

♫ Spirit Caravan at Fletchers 2002 Baltimore MD Full

♫ Spirit Caravan at Fletchers 2002 Baltimore MD Full

Tour Dates and Supporting ActsEdit

  • April 14, 2002 - Trocadero at the Balcony Bar - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (With Sixty Watt Shaman, ULA; No Place of Skulls)
  • April 17, 2002 - Stella Blue - Asheville, North Carolina (With Rise)
  • April 18, 2002 - King's Barcade - Raleigh, North Carolina (With Rise)
  • April 19, 2002 - 9 Lives Saloon - Atlanta, Georgia (With Rise and Astral Tramp)
  • April 20, 2002 - The Nick - Birmingham, Alabama (With Astral Tramp)
  • April 21, 2002 - Juanita's - Little Rock, Arkansa (With Rwake)
  • April 23, 2002 - Creepy Crawl - St. Louis, Missouri (With Throttlerod)
  • April 24, 2002 - Hairy Mary's - Des Moines, Iowa (With Hunger Pains and On A Pale Horse; All-ages early show)
  • April 25, 2002 - Cactus Club - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • April 26, 2002 - Double Door - Chicago, Illinois (With Yakuza)
  • April 27, 2002 - Bottle Rocket - Toledo, Ohio (With Triphammer and PB Army)
  • April 29, 2002 - Peabody's Downunder - Cleveland, Ohio (With Abdullah and After The Sun)
  • April 30, 2002 - 31st Street Pub - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (With Delain League, Penance)
  • May 1, 2002 - Brighton Bar - Long Branch, New Jersey
  • May 2, 2002 - Northsix - Brooklyn, New York (With Orange Goblin, Sigh, Alabama Thunderpussy, Thrones and Khanate)
  • May 3, 2002 - The Northstar - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (With Burning Brides)
  • May 4, 2002 - Ottobar - Wellington, New Jersey
  • May 5, 2002 - Jaxx - Springfield, Virginia (CANCELED)

Personnel (Spirit Caravan)Edit

Personnel (Place of Skulls)Edit


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