Background information
Origin Tilburg, Netherlands
Genres Doom Metal, Drone Doom
Years active 2001 - Present
Labels Displeased Records, Deserted Factory
Associated acts Serpentcult, Thee Plague of Gentlemen, Legion of The Damned, Soulburn, Verbum Verus, Flesh Made Sin, Fehler, GoreForMore, Odessa, Sauron, Abysmal Darkening, Planet AIDS, Funeral Goat
Website Facebook page
Current members S. van Bussel
G.J. Broers
Past members KIII
Fred Caure
Wannes Gubbels

Bunkur are a doom/drone metal band from Tilburg, Netherlands formed in 2001. The band's line-up consists of bassist S. van Bussel, drummer T13, keyboardist G.J. Broers and bassist-vocalist M07. 

Martin van Drunen was never a member of the band. He was asked to join the band, was considering it, but all of a sudden he became very busy with newly reformed Asphyx and new band Hail of Bullets, so he had to refuse. Displeased Records released a flyer saying van Drunen joins Bunkur, but did that without confirming it with Martin.

The band has released two single-track albums, three demos and three split EPs.

Discography Edit

Studio Albums Edit

Demos Edit

  • Dopemoon (2002)
  • Bludgeon (2003)
  • Devolve (2003)

Split EPs Edit



  • Bunkur / Mordor (Split with Mordor, 16 November)

Members Edit

Current Members Edit

  • S. van Bussel - Bass
  • T13 - Drums, Vocals
  • G.J. Broers - Keyboards
  • M07 - Bass, Vocals

Former Members Edit

  • KIII - Bass, Vocals
  • Fred Caure - Guitar (Session only)
  • FXXI - Keyboards
  • Wannes Gubbels - Vocals (Session only)

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