Bugs on the Bluefish
Gallery of Mites
Studio album by Gallery of Mites
Released 2003
Recorded at Shorefire Recording in Long Bank, New Jersey
Genre Stoner Rock
Producer Jon Kleiman
Gallery of Mites chronology
Bugs on the Bluefish

Bugs on the Bluefish is the only studio album by studio project Gallery of Mites, a stoner rock project conceived by Tim Cronin and featuring a multitude of different musicians in the New Jersey stoner/psych scene among other guests.


All songs written by Kleiman/Cronin except 7 written by Calandra/Garcia/Mundell.

  • 1. Exploded View (3:24)
  • 2. Headless Body, Topless Bar (5:05)
  • 3. New York To Peru (2:56)
  • 4. Chocolate Rabbit (4:32)
  • 5. X's For Eyes (3:59)
  • 6. Suicide Punchline (3:47)
  • 7. 100 Days (Heron) (2:26)
  • 8. Inside Out (4:05)
  • 9. A Man Called Shit (6:23)
  • 10. Bugs On The Bluefish (4:38)


  • Jim Baglino (Deadguy, Human Remains, Riotgod, Monster Magnet) - Bass
  • Joe Calandra (The Ribeye Brothers, Monster Magnet) - Bass
  • Duane Hutter (Black Nasa) - Harmonica
  • Ed Mundell (Daisycutter, The Atomic Bitchwax, Monster Magnet) - Guitar
  • Mike Schweigert (Daisycutter, Full Speed Ahead, Lord Sterling, Splitting Headache) - Guitar
  • Phil Caivano (Blitzspeer, Capricorn, Jakalope, Monster Magnet, Shrapnel) - Guitar, Mixing
  • Stu Gollin - Guitar
  • Tommy Southard (Freak Theatre, Godspeed, Prunella Scales, Robot Dicks, Slaprocket, Social Decay, Solace, Sollubi, The Disease Concept
  • Jom Kleiman (Monster Magnet, The Ribeye Brothers, Watch Children, Dime Bag) - Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Drums, Mixing, Producer
  • Tim Cronin (Daisycutter, Monster Magnet, Acid Reich, Dog Of Mystery, Pinque Phloid, The Ribeye Brothers) - Vocals
  • John Garcia (Hermano, Kyuss, Slo Burn, Unida, Vista Chino) - Vocals (Track 7)
  • Joe Demaio - Engineer, Mixing
  • Carl Farruggia - Mastering
  • Spinner - Layout, Design
  • Sara Stadtmiller - Photography


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