Bongwater 666
Bongwater 666
The band as they appeared on their demo.
Background information
Also known as Bongwater
Origin Bay Roberts, Newfoundland, Canada
Genres Doom Metal
Years active 1996 - 1999?
Labels Freebird Records, MeteorCity Records, UnderDogma, Lord of Misery, This Dark Reign

Bongwater 666 was a doom metal band originating from Newfoundland, Canada. Active roughly between 1996 and 1999 this band was relatively short lived. Initially the band released a demo in 1997 as Bongwater but later added the 666 to their name, likely to avoid confusion with the NYC art rock band of the same name. The band would release one more demo and appear on a host of compilations in their short tenure.

Bongwater666 Cannibal Love Song

Bongwater666 Cannibal Love Song



  • Pissed Off And...FUZZED OUT!!! (1997, Lord of Misery)
  • 0000000002 (1998, Lord of Misery, Infrared)

Compilation AppearancesEdit


  • Brad Spencer aka Mr. Brad - Bass
  • Michael Badcock aka Mikail Badcock - Drums
  • Neddal Ayad aka N. Possible - Guitar
  • Fred French aka Ced - Vocals

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