Boat of Doom
Boat Of Doom
Tour Poster for the Boat of Doom.
Tour of
Electric Wizard
Pod People
Year 2005
Start date 27 October
End date 5 November
Shows 10
Region Australia
Electric Wizard tour chronology
Boat of Doom
Pod People tour chronology
Boat of Doom

Boat of Doom (Sometimes known as Electric Wizard & Pod People Australian Tour 2005) is a tour featuring English doom quartet Electric Wizard and Australian doom metal band Pod People. In the case of the former band it is Electric Wizard's first and for a long time only tour of Australia (Until 2018) as both bands toured the east coast of the country.


In early October 2005 it would be announced not long after a tour of Europe in support of Electric Wizard's fifth studio album We Live that they would tour Australia for the first time alongside long-running Australian doom band Pod People, whom had recently signed to Rise Above Records.[1]

The tour would span for ten shows in nine days, 3 November having an early show at Utopia Records in Sydney and a later show at The Oxford in Wollongong. Pod People would compose a tour diary and document the entirety of it on their homepage at the time. It would also be notable as one of the last tours featuring Justin Greaves on drums before his exit from the band the next year.



A happy couple in Sydney.

  • Oct. 27 - Excelsior Hotel – Sydney, AUS
  • Oct. 28 - Anu Bar & Refectory - Canberra, AUS
  • Oct. 29 - Green Room - Melbourne, AUS
  • Oct. 30 - The National Hotel - Geelong, AUS
  • Oct. 31 - Green Room - Melbourne, AUS
  • Nov. 01 - Sound Underground - Canberra, AUS
  • Nov. 02 - The Marquee Nightclub - Sydney, AUS
  • Nov. 03 - Utopia Records (Early Show) - Sydney, AUS
  • Nov. 03 - The Oxford Tavern (Evening Show) - Wollongong, AUS
  • Nov. 05 - QUT Guild Bar - Brisbane, AUS
Electric Wizard live @ Green Room

Electric Wizard live @ Green Room

Electric Wizard live @ Green Room 2

Electric Wizard live @ Green Room 2

Electric Wizard Live Utopia records Sydney

Electric Wizard Live Utopia records Sydney. 2005


Electric WizardEdit

Pod PeopleEdit

  • Brad Nicholson - Vocals
  • Dave Drynan - Bass
  • Maggs - Drums
  • Josh Nixon - Guitar
  • Mel Walker - Guitar

Songs Performed by Electric WizardEdit

While no full setlist has shown up for any of the Australian shows some clips have surfaced. The following are known songs that were performed.

  • Return Trip
  • Dopethrone
  • Supercoven
  • Eko Eko Azarak
  • We Live
  • Another Perfect Day?

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