Blitzkrieg Over Nüremberg
Blitzkreig Over Nuremburg
Live album by Blue Cheer
Released June 15 1989
Genre Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues
Length 55:57 (LP)
71:21 (CD)
Label Nibelung Records
Producer Roland Hofmann
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Blitzkrieg Over Nüremberg
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Blitzkrieg Over Nüremberg is the first official live album by Blue Cheer, released in June 1989 via Nibelung Records. Notably it's the first official release to feature longtime guitarist Andrew "Duck" MacDonald and the only release to feature short-lived drummer Dave Salce, as Paul Whaley had left the band at the time of recording. This album was recorded on their 1988 European tour.

Initially this album was released on LP with six tracks but also saw a CD release with two bonus tracks. Notably the early LP pressings features the following statements with each member:

  • Dickie Peterson ("There ain't no cure for The Summertime Blues, I've tried everything")
  • Andrew "Duck" MacDonald ("Hail to The Clanlord")
  • Dave Salce ("What a beautiful city - Burn it!")


NOTE: Tracks 7 and 8 only appear on the CD version.

  • 1. Babylon / Girl Next Door (Dickie Peterson; Tony Rainier) (9:20)
  • 2. Ride With Me (Rainier) (8:50)
  • 3. Just a Little Bit (Peterson) (4:27)
  • 4. Summertime Blues (Jerry Capehart, Eddie Cochran) (6:39)
  • 5. Out of Focus (Peterson) (4:36)
  • 6. Doctor Please (Peterson) (12:05)
  • 7. The Hunter (Booker T. Jones) (6:37)
  • 8. Red House (Jimi Hendrix) (8:47)


  • Dickie Peterson - Bass, Vocals, Magic
  • Duck MacDonald - Guitar, Vocals
  • Dave Salce - Drums
  • Wolfgang Eller - Engineer
  • Stefan Bauerfeind - Recording
  • Roland Hofmann - Producer, Cover Concept
  • Helmut Oelschlegel - Photography
  • Klaus-Peter Roithmeier - Artwork, Cover

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