Black Widow Records
Black Widow Records
Record label information
Founded 1992
Genre(s) Doom Metal, Stoner Metal, Stoner Rock, Hard Rock, Gothic Rock, Gothic Metal
Country of Origin Italy
Based in Genoa, Italy
Website Black Widow Records Official

Black Widow Records is an Italian label active since 1992 and while mainly focused on dark/gothic and progressive rock the label has also dabbled into doom and psych releases with the likes of The Black, Necromandus, Pentagram and Rise And Shine among others. The label also has a sub-label named Bloodrock Records (Active since 2007) with a further emphasis on goth and darkwave.


Black Widow Records began in 1992 with the label's first releases being self-titled albums by Malombra and Crystal Phoenix. From there the label would release mostly with Italian prog bands with the occasional doom band such as The Black (Refugium Peccatorum, 1994). The first non-Italian band involved with the label would be the Swedish psych band Darxtar (Sju, 1995).

The band would gain some notoriety worldwide with an LP reissue of Necromandus' Orexis of Death, a Hawkwind LP re-issue and four Pentagram releases from 1999 to 2005, along with giving bands like Church of Misery, Norrsken and Ufomammut early exposure with tributes such as the Blue Cheer tribute Blue Explosion: A Tribute To Blue Cheer and the Death SS tribute Beyond The Realm of Death SS. Pagan Altar, Minotauri, Internal Void, Bedemon, Death Row, The Hounds of Hasselvander and Death SS would also work with the label in the 2000s. To this day the band remains active with an eclectic selection of European psych, prog and even soundtrack music.

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