Black Urn
Black Urn
Black Urn live in Philly.
Background information
Origin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Genres Sludge, Doom, Grind
Years active 2014-Present
Website Bandcamp
Current members John Jones
Tim Lewis
Ryan Manley
Alex Onderdonk
Jordan Pierce

Black Urn are a band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Since 2014 they've incorporated a mix of sludge, doom, hardcore and grindcore into a grimy, blackened sound.


Black Urn was formed in 2014 as a five-piece. Their earliest known show according to their Facebook was on 8 May 2015 at Boneyard Bar & Grill in Atlantic City, NJ (With DopeRider, Sluagh, Wasted Theory and Beauty in Voodoo)[1]. Later that year along with a string of other shows the band would release their self-titled EP.

Throughout the next year, Black Urn would share the stage with the likes of Pink Mass, Pisskvlt, CHRCH, Fister, Bell Witch and Grief (As Come To Grief) to name a few. Along with individual performances at venues such as Saint Vitus Bar and Kung Fu Necktie, the band would also make an appearance at the 2016 edition of The Maryland Doom Fest. In 2016, the band would also release The Pangs of our Covenant.

Currently, the band has a split release with Moros set for release on 24 February 2017 at Kung Fu Necktie.[2]


  • Black Urn EP (2015)
  • The Pangs Of Our Covenant (2016)
  • Black Urn / Moros (Split with Moros) (2017)


  • John Jones - Vocals
  • Tim Lewis - Drums
  • Ryan Manley - Guitar
  • Alex Onderdonk - Bass
  • Jordan Pierce - Guitar

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