Black Sleep of Kali
BSoK circa 2012.
Background information
Origin Denver, Colorado, USA
Genres Sludge Metal
Years active 2008 - 2013
Labels Small Stone Recordings
Associated acts Aberrant, To Be Eaten, Vimana, Collapse, Rottenness, Oxcross, Abrams, Call of The Void
Website Facebook

Black Sleep of Kali were a Denver-based sludge metal band inspired by the styles of Torche and Baroness. Active between 2008 and 2013 they were known independently among the Colorado metal scene but also toured around the west coast of the United States. Notably they've shared the stage with the likes of High on Fire, Goatwhore, In the Company of Serpents, Lo-Pan, Cough, Black Acid Devil, Eagle Twin, Hornss and Black Pussy among others.


Black Sleep of Kali formed in 2008 in Denver with their earliest known show following on 10 January 2009 at Larimer Lounge (With Dysdera, Space In Time and Black Lamb).[1] The band would perform more shows around the Colorado area and ultimately release an eponymous demo. Gaining interest from Small Stone Records the band would follow up with a studio album entitled Our Slow Decay the next year with more shows around the west coast.

Eventually, Austin Michaels and Taylor Williams would depart from the band in 2012, the latter forming Oxcross. The band would function as a power trio with Taylor Iverson on bass and vocals leading up to the release of a split with Garman stoner/doom band Union of Sleep. Ben "Circle" Pitts would join up on Guitar to make the band a quartet once again, just in time for a tour of the West Coast.

In 2013 this lineup would record a two-song digital EP in collaboration with Flatline Audio and TRVE Brewing Co. entitled Who's Hearts Are Faint Within You. Eventually it was announced that the band's performance at the Denver Black Sky festival (14 December 2013) would prove to be the band's final performance.[2] Since the band's dissolution members of the group have went on to form Abrams and Call of The Void.


  • Black Sleep of Kali (EP) (2009, Self-released)
  • Our Slow Decay (Album) (2010, Small Stone Recordings)
  • Black Sleep of Kali / Union of Sleep (Split with Union of Sleep) (2012, Per Koro)
  • Who's Hearts Are Faint Within You (2013, TRVE Brewing Co. / Flatline Audio)


  • Taylor Iverson - Bass, Vocals
  • Gordon Koch - Drums
  • Ben "Circle" Pitts - Guitars
  • Patrick Alberts - Guitars, Vocals
  • Austin Michaels - Bass
  • Petras Vaznelis
  • Taylor Williams - Guitar, Vocals

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