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Blaak Heat
Blaak Heat
Background information
Also known as Blaak Heat Shujaa (2008 - 2015)
Origin Paris, France
Los Angeles, California
Genres Stoner Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Arabian Psych
Years active 2008 - 2015 (As Blaak Heat Shujaa)
2016 - 2018? (As Blaak Heat)
Labels Tee Pee Records, Svart Records, Improvising Beings
Associated acts Nebula, Mondo Generator, Spindrift, Al-Qasar, Abrams, Moksha Samnyasin, Sonny Simmons, Ron Whitehead
Website Blaak Heat Facebook

Blaak Heat (And it's previous incarnation Blaak Heat Shujaa) is a French-American outfit whose recordings blend psychedelic rock with a number of outside sources, such as traditional Middle Eastern music, progressive rock, surf rock, spaghetti western, and metal. The band was founded by Thomas Bellier in 2008 in Paris while he was a graduate student at Sciences Po.[1] The band would gain significant praise in the stoner rock scene for their eclectic blends and creative psychedelic sounds.

to date the band had released two albums and an EP under the name "Blaak Heat Shujaa" and one album and EP under their current incarnation "Blaak Heat", all while touring the world and even collaborating with the likes of Louisiana jazz musician Sonny Simmons and Louisville, Kentucky poet Ron Whitehead among others.



Studio AlbumsEdit

  • Blaak Heat Shujaa (As Blaak Heat Shujaa) (2010, Improvising Beings)
  • The Edge Of An Era (As Blaak Heat Shujaa) (2013, Tee Pee Records)
  • Shifting Mirrors (2016, Tee Pee Records; Svart Records)

Other ReleasesEdit

  • The Storm Generation (As Blaak Heat Shujaa) (2012, Tee Pee Records)
  • The Arabian Fuzz (2017, Svart Records)


  • Thomas Bellier - Guitar, Vocals (2008 - 2018)
  • Antoine Morel-Vulliez - Bass (2008 - 2014)
  • Timothée Gacon - Drums (2008 - 2012)
  • Michael Amster - Drums (2012 - 2018)
  • Tom Davies - Bass (2015)
  • Henry Evans - Bass (2015 - 2018)
  • Guillaume Théoden - Bass (2016 - 2018)
  • Nicolas Heller - Guitar (2016 - 2018)

List of Known ToursEdit

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