Background information
Also known as 毘盧釈那
Origin Osaka, Japan
Genres Experimental rock, sludge metal, doom metal, post-hardcore, progressive metal
Years active 2002–present
Labels Scumzone, Reiho Music, S.M.D. Records
Associated acts Ryokuchi, Tetsuo
Website Homepage
Current members Iso
Past members Waki
Birushanah (毘盧釈那; Birushana) are a Japanese extreme sludge metal band from Osaka which formed in 2002 by bassist Sougyo and drummer John. Throughout their career, they have released 4 studio albums, one extended play and 2 splits.

The band's name refers to Vairocana, a celestial buddha who is often interpreted, in texts like the Flower Garland Sutra, as the Dharma Body and is the Japanese pronunciation

History Edit

Birushsnah was formed in Osaka, Japan by bassist Sougyo, ex-member of fellow Japanese band Corrupted, and drummer John in 2002. Their first single was released from their own label SMD Records. In the last period of Tesuo (before Sougyo & Iso both joined), metal percussion was introduced to the band and they were getting interested in the sound, so they decided to use it in addition to drums.

They self-produced and released their first mini-CD Tōta via their own label S.M.D. Records in 2002 and in 2007, they released their debut album Akai Yami on Missing Link Records/Exotic Corpse Records (Australia), Destructure (Europe) and Level Plane Records (USA). In 2009, Birushanah worked on and released a split EP with French metal band Drain the Sky via S.M.D. Records and in 2013, they released their second album Hinimishigoronayakokoronotomoshibi via Scumzone. Founding member Sougyo left the band soon after its release and was replaced by a newcomer, Sano.

Birushanah's third studio album Makyo was released on 19 August 2015 and marked a stylistic change in the band's music. The album was more melodic than the previous ones, featuring clean vocals in most songs, although fast tempos are still present. Hai ni Narumade, released on 3 October 2018, continued this direction, although its fifth track "Shiokaze ni Fukarete" featured a blast beat for the only time in Birushsnsh's career.

Musical style Edit

Birushanah mix metal percussion with Japanese traditional scale and extreme genres of metal, much in the vein of the most experimental works of Corrupted, and use many Japanese traditional scale with fretless bass to mix them together, creating a sound that adds elements of traditional Japanese music.

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