Bastard County

Background information
Origin Mohave Valley, AZ
Prescott, AZ
Genres Doom • Stoner • Desert Rock • Biker Rock • Punk
Years active 2009 - present
Labels Milliron Mob Hits
Associated acts Graveyard Rodeo • Exhumed • Uphill Battle • Burn Thee Insects • Storm Of Perception • G//Z/R • Hemlock (Vegas) •
Website Bastard County official website
Current members Brandon Wayne Milliron

Chaz Myers

Past members Greg "Sledge" Sledzinski •

Luke Shelley • Frank Simpson

Band Logo
Bc middle size
Bastard County are a Stoner/Punk/Desert band from Arizona, with members hailing from Mohave Valley and Prescott. They have been active since 2009.


Originated as a one man project by Brandon Wayne Milliron in Mohave County, AZ since early 2009, recording a demo single while seeking recruits for a full lineup with minimal success. The 2009 single is heard in the film, Ghostman (2014, Shamrock Films). Bastard County released the debut album, Hellizona on September 23, 2019 and have been performing live shows since 2018 and onward.


  • Go Home (Instrumental Demo) (2009)
  • A Head Start to Fall Behind (Single) (2018)
  • Hellizona (studio album) (2019)


The Dukes of Bastard cast:Edit

  • Brandon Wayne Milliron • guitar, vocal, studio bass (2009 - present)
  • Chaz Myers • drums (2016 - present)
Former Members Edit
  • Greg "Sledge" Sledzinski • guitar, vocal (2010)
  • Luke "Canada" Shelley • live bass (2018)
  • Frank Simpson • live guitar (2016- 2019)
Special Guests Edit
  • Wes Caley • studio guitar leads on 3 tracks for the Hellizona album


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