Barbarian Hermit
Barbarian Hermit
Background information
Origin Manchester, England
Genres Doom, Sludge, Stoner, Heavy Metal
Years active 2013-present
Labels APF Records
Associated acts Reverse The Sun, Lizard Tongue, Mountains Became Machines, Severed Fate, Bisonhammer, That Sunless Tide, Sirkus Saigon, Born Fire Brave, Boss Keloid, BongCauldron, Orchid, Fatal Fear
Website Barbarian Hermit Facebook
Current members Mike Regan, Adam Robertshaw, Rob Sutcliffe, Gaz Manning
Past members Ed Campbell, Loz Brindley, Si Scarlett, Chris Wood

Barbarian Hermit are a five piece doom/sludge/stoner band based in Manchester, England.[1] They were formed in 2013[1] and are currently signed to APF Records[2], through which they released their debut studio album Solitude and Savagery.[3]


First Years (2013-2018)Edit

Barbarian Hermit were formed in Manchester, England in 2013. Their first lineup consisted of Ed Campbell (vocals), Mike Regan (guitar), Chris Wood (bass) and Loz Brindley (drums).[4] The band quickly became a five piece with the addition of second guitarist Adam Robertshaw.[4] Only a few months after Barbarian Hermit's formation, Ed Campbell had to step aside to focus on other personal commitments.[5] He was replaced by Si Scarlett.[5]

Barbarian Hermit - Burn The Fire

Barbarian Hermit - Burn The Fire

Music video for 'Burn the Fire' by Barbarian Hermit.

The band's first release, the six track BARBARIAN HERMIT 01 demo, was released on Bandcamp on 22nd February 2016.[6] The demo was engineered and mixed by Bernie Steer at the Hermitage, Biff at WR Audio and Luke Clarke at SSR, with the 6th track, 'Widowmaker', remastered by Bernie Steer.[6] A limited physical release of the demo was available at the 2016 edition of the Manchester Metal Collective Weekender which the band played.[7] The third track from the demo, 'Burn the Fire', had a music video produced for it by Massive Badgers.[8]

2017 saw Barbarian Hermit go through a series of lineup changes. Firstly, on 1st March, it was announced that Si Scarlett was leaving the band.[9] He was replaced by original vocalist Ed Campbell, who returned to the band.[9] 9th March 2017 saw the band announce that bassist, Chris Wood would be leaving the band due to health and work related issues.[10] His full time replacement was Rob Sutcliffe of Fantasist.[10] On 15th June it was announced that drummer, Loz Brindley, would be taking a sabbatical from the band, with Gaz Manning taking over as drummer in his absence.[11] Manning would, however, take over drumming duties full time for the band and would mark the solidification of the band's lineup to the present day.[1] On Saturday 30th September, Barbarian Hermit would play at the second edition of HRH Doom Vs Stoner.[12][13]

24th June 2018 saw Barbarian Hermit crowned as winners of the Manchester Metal 2 the Masses competition.[14][15] As winners of the competition, the band earned a spot on the New Blood stage at that year's Bloodstock Festival.[15]

Solitude and Savagery Onward (2018-present)Edit

Barbarian Hermit - Enter the Hermitage

Barbarian Hermit - Enter the Hermitage

Music video for 'Enter the Hermitage' from the 2018 album Solitude and Savagery

On 13th November 2018, Northern Monk, an independent brewery based in Leeds, England, released the Solitude and Savagery IPA to commemorate the launch of the band's first album of the same name.[16] Three days later, on November 16th, the launch party of said album, Solitude and Savagery, was held at the Northern Monk Refectory in Manchester, with support from Battalions, 1968 and Dead Retinas.[16][17] The album, released through the band's label APF Records, was recorded and produced by Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studio, and mastered by James Plotkin at Plotkinworks.[3]

From 11th to 13th April 2019, the band joined their APF Records label mates Nomad for a short weekender across England, passing through Temple of Boom, Leeds, The Devonshire Arms, London and Premier Pool Club, Ipswich.[18] Regional supports on the tour were RedEye Revival and Sound of Origin (Leeds), Beggar (London) and A Horse Called War, Men Of Munga, Killerkorp and Sea Breach Solution (Ipswich).[19][18]

Barbarian Hermit - Full Set Performance - Bloodstock 2019

Barbarian Hermit - Full Set Performance - Bloodstock 2019

Barbarian Hermit performing at Bloodstock Festival 2019

Barbarian Hermit returned to Bloodstock Festival on Thursday 9th August 2019 as the first band to play over the weekend, opening up the Sophie Stage at that year's festival.[20] The show was, undoubtedly, the largest crowd Barbarian Hermit had played to thus far. From October 4th to 6th October, Hermit were part of the Kings of the North 2019 UK Tour alongside label-mates Widows and the band Drudge.[21] The tour passed through Skinny Jimmy's in Workington, Bannerman's Bar in Edinburgh, Scotland and Trillian's in Newcastle.[21]

As of November 2019, the band have been in the process of writing for their second album, continuing to play dates across the UK, which was delayed due to the Pandemic. Sadly, the band and Ed Campbell parted ways albeit amicable, with Campbell hoping to now focus on other commitments, including his other project, Reverse The Sun.


APF015 - Solitude and Savagery - Barbarian Hermit

Barbarian Hermit's debut album, Solitude and Savagery

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